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State -
City -
Area Population2000 -
Area Population Change2005 -
Area Population Change2010 -
County Population2000 -
County Population Change2005 -
County Population Change2010 -
State Population2000 -
State Population Change2005 -
State Population Change2010 -
Area Avg Sat Math -
Area Avg Sat English -
Area Avg Sat Total -
County Avg Sat Math -
County Avg Sat English -
County Avg Sat Total -
State Avg Sat Math -
State Avg Sat English -
State Avg Sat Total -
Area Grad Degree -
Area Bach Degree -
Area Assoc Degree -
Area Some College -
Area High School Grad -
Area Below High School Grad -
County Grad Degree -
County Bach Degree -
County Assoc Degree -
County Some College -
County High School Grad -
County Below High School Grad -
State Grad Degree -
State Bach Degree -
State Assoc Degree -
State Some College -
State High School Grad -
State Below High School Grad -
Area Personal Crime Risk -
Area Property Crime Risk -
County Personal Crime Risk -
County Property Crime Risk -
State Personal Crime Risk -
State Property Crime Risk -
Area Unemployment Rate -
Area Blue Collar -
Area White Collar -
County Unemployment Rate -
County Blue Collar -
County White Collar -
State Unemployment Rate -
State Blue Collar -
State White Collar -
Area Household Income -
Area Household Spending -
County Household Income -
County Household Spending -
State Household Income -
State Household Spending -
Area Median Age -
Area Avg Household Size -
Area Household Children -
County Median Age -
County Avg Household Size -
County Household Children -
State Median Age -
State Avg Household Size -
State Household Children -
Area Temp Jan -
Area Temp July -
Area Rain Fall -
Area Snow Fall -
County Temp Jan -
County Temp July -
County Rain Fall -
County Snow Fall -
State Temp Jan -
State Temp July -
State Rain Fall -
State Snow Fall -