DOTS Telephone Verification

DOTS Telephone Verification by Service Objects is a real-time web service API that validates a phone number by sending a confirmation code by voice or text message.

This service is ideal for companies that want active verification of a phone number before a transaction is processed. DOTS Telephone Verification allows businesses to authenticate customers by using the existing phone networks to cross-verify that a customers' inputted telephone number is working, and in their possession. DOTS Telephone Verification prevents fraudulent customer sign-ups, as they are hesitant to release their true phone information.

Five Reasons to Choose us
  • Compatible Languages

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    Sample Request URL[YourKey]

  • Phone Validation API Features

    • Places a call and recites a verification code or sends a text message containing the code in real-time (message and data rates may apply)
    • Supports over 100 concurrent calls with virtually no drop in performance
    • US and Canadian phone numbers supported
    • Transactional detail report returns advanced call analytics
    • Places calls within five seconds and will auto redial up to three times if busy or no answer
    • Verifies telephone owner name and address
    • Validates a phone number and returns line type (landline, wireless or VoIP)
    • Real-time API service
  • Benefits of Phone Verification

    • Helps prevent possible fraudulent transactions at point-of-entry
    • Eliminate fraudulent orders before you ship and reduce chargebacks
    • Validates customers phone number in real-time
    • Reduce administrative costs by eliminating manual verification of orders and online registrations
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  • Programming consultation with Integration Engineer
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