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Service Objects dramatically improves customer data quality with real-time contact validation APIs.

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As the industry leader in real-time contact validation services,

Service Objects has verified over 2 billion contact records for clients from various industries including retail, technology, government, communications, leisure, utilities, and finance. Since 2001, thousands of businesses and developers have used our APIs to validate transactions to reduce fraud, increase conversions, and enhance incoming leads, Web orders, and customer lists.

We are fanatical about both data quality and customer service. We're proud of our data reliability of 99.995 percent, and we want to take it even higher. Service Objects exceeds all expectations by ensuring the most current data validation services available, reliable real-time results, and a professional atmosphere.

Service Objects is also committed to reducing wasted paper, time and resources through data quality excellence. Our mission is to develop the industry’s best contact validation tools to protect your business.

Businesses rely on customer data for marketing, shipping, lead generation, fraud prevention, and other purposes. However, much of that data is inaccurate, incomplete, fraudulent, or out-of-date.

Poor customer data can lead to:
  • Excessive marketing costs – Businesses spend over $500 billion annually on leads, many of which are inaccurate. Incorrect customer data can compromise marketing campaigns, causing them to miss their mark.
  • Offended customers – Address marketing materials and shipments to a deceased person can inadvertently offend surviving family members.
  • Excessive shipping costs and delays – Wrong addresses result in excessive shipping costs and delays.
  • Losses due to fraud – Credit card fraud is a multibillion dollar problem for merchants across the United States. Fictitious data is a warning flag that shouldn't be ignored.
Our Solution

A company's customer database is one of its most important and irreplaceable assets, often representing years of effort and expense. Businesses can reduce costs, improve marketing, minimize fraud, and more by validating customer data at every collection point, whether online, at a call center, or in a brick-and-mortar store. This is Service Objects' specialty--helping businesses reap maximum rewards from their hard-won customer contacts.

Accurate, genuine customer data can:
  • Fight fraud – From mismatched IP addresses to bogus contact information, real-time data validation is an important tool in the fight against fraud.
  • Streamline shipping – Validated shipping addresses result in fewer returns, lower shipping costs, faster delivery times, and fewer delays.
  • Improve marketing – Provide a clear picture of a businesses' customers and the type of marketing that will appeal to them.
  • Boost sales – Having a complete view of the customer enables companies to improve customer relationships and identify new opportunities for selling and cross-selling. Moreover, by understanding the actual geographic area of a customer's location and the customer's proximity to services, companies can make a rapid assessment of customer value.

From detecting fraud before it happens to matching product offerings with customers based on their geographic locations and pre-qualifying customers for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology, businesses from all industries can benefit from data validation.

Service Objects' services cost mere pennies per contact and are free to try for 30 days with no credit card required. Call 1-800-694-6269 for a free consultation.

Service Objects' APIs improve data quality in real-time by comparing business records to proprietary databases. Business data is examined for accuracy and signs of possible fraud. Depending on the API and its findings, the data is validated and/or appended and immediately returned to the sender.

Service Objects offers a number of data quality solutions including:
  • Lead validation – Validates and corrects critical components and returns a lead quality score.
  • Address validation – Ensures deliverability and includes latitude, longitude, and county information. Telephone number validation – Ensures correct contact information and appends address information via reverse-lookup functions.
  • Telephone verification – Improves security by sending verification codes via phone or SMS.
  • Email validation – Email Validation improves deliverability by correcting common typos and identifying catch-all domains while Email Insight returns a customer's physical address from an email address.
  • Ecommerce validation – Verifies order, billing, and shipping information to detect potential fraud and improve delivery.
  • Demographic APIs – Cross references US Census and HUD data, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer data.
  • Customized services – We also offer professional consulting, training, and batch data processing to help our customers' achieve fast and full value from their implementation