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Tackling False Negatives in Email Validation

What is a false negative? In email validation, the term is used when an address is incorrectly identified as being invalid or undeliverable – in other words, it is flagged as being bad when it is...

Emanuel Fuentes, Sr. Software Engineer
Emanuel Fuentes
Sr. Software Engineer
February 14, 2019
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Understanding Phone Exchange 2 Note Codes

In November 2018, we published the blog, Best Practices for Phone Exchange 2 International, introducing you to one of our phone validation services and its operations. Here in this blog, we drill down and...

Dylan Van Lant, Applications Support Technician
Dylan Van Lant
Applications Support Technician
February 7, 2019
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Address Deduplication Using USPS Barcodes

When are two addresses actually the same? And when can you remove one of them from your contact database? The answer isn’t as simple as it sounds. Suppose you have two addresses as follows: 429 East...

Aki Stankoski, Application Engineer
Aki Stankoski
Application Engineer
December 13, 2018

Comparing Lead Validation – International Components

As with many of our services, DOTS Lead Validation - International fits in our main company objective to reduce fraud, increase conversions, and enhance incoming leads, Web orders, and customer lists. One...

Jan Rehorik, Sr. Applications Engineer
Jan Rehorik
Sr. Applications Engineer
December 6, 2018

Best Practices for Phone Exchange 2 International

Having extra information about phone numbers can be invaluable to a business for several reasons. It can help fight fraud, support TCPA compliance and give an extra boost in insight about how and when to...

Dylan Van Lant, Applications Support Technician
Dylan Van Lant
Applications Support Technician
November 29, 2018