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Our validation services support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML or JSON formats. We are happy to provide sample code and code libraries in a variety of languages and protocols, including: PHP, JAVA, Ruby, Python, ColdFusion and C#, to name a few.

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VB.NETAddress Validation - US
APEXAddress Validation - US
ASPAddress Validation - US
T-SQLAddress Validation - US
ColdFusionAddress Validation - US
PythonAddress Validation - US
Ruby on RailsAddress Validation - US
Java - Code LibraryAddress Validation - US
PHP - Code LibraryAddress Validation - US
C# - Code LibraryAddress Validation - US
C#Address Validation - US
JavaAddress Validation - US
PHPAddress Validation - US
Node.jsAddress Validation - US
ASPAddress Geocode - US
C#Address Geocode - US
JavaAddress Geocode - US
VB.NETAddress Geocode - US
APEXAddress Geocode - US
T-SQLAddress Geocode - US
ColdFusionAddress Geocode - US
PythonAddress Geocode - US
Ruby on RailsAddress Geocode - US
PHP - Code LibraryAddress Geocode - US
C# - Code LibraryAddress Geocode - US
Java - Code LibraryAddress Geocode - US
PHPAddress Geocode - US
Node.jsAddress Geocode - US
JavaAddress Insight - US
C#Address Insight - US
C# - Code LibraryAddress Insight - US
APEXAddress Detective
VB.NETAddress Detective
ASPAddress Detective
T-SQLAddress Detective
C#Address Detective
JavaAddress Detective
PHPAddress Detective
ColdFusionAddress Detective
PythonAddress Detective
Ruby on RailsAddress Detective
C# - Code LibraryAddress Detective
Node.jsAddress Detective
PythonNCOA Live
Ruby on RailsNCOA Live
JavaNCOA Live
ColdFusionNCOA Live
Node.jsNCOA Live
ASPAddress Geocode - Canada
C#Address Geocode - Canada
PHPAddress Geocode - Canada
JavaAddress Geocode - Canada
APEXAddress Geocode - Canada
VB.NETAddress Geocode - Canada
T-SQLAddress Geocode - Canada
ColdFusionAddress Geocode - Canada
PythonAddress Geocode - Canada
Ruby on RailsAddress Geocode - Canada
C# - Code LibraryAddress Geocode - Canada
Node.jsAddress Geocode - Canada
ColdFusionAddress Validation - Canada
PythonAddress Validation - Canada
Ruby on RailsAddress Validation - Canada
APEXAddress Validation - Canada
VB.NETAddress Validation - Canada
ASPAddress Validation - Canada
T-SQLAddress Validation - Canada
C#Address Validation - Canada
JavaAddress Validation - Canada
PHPAddress Validation - Canada
C# - Code LibraryAddress Validation - Canada
Node.jsAddress Validation - Canada
APEXAddress Validation - Int’l
ASPAddress Validation - Int’l
PHPAddress Validation - Int’l
JavaAddress Validation - Int’l
PythonAddress Validation - Int’l
ColdFusionAddress Validation - Int’l
C#Address Validation - Int’l
Ruby on RailsAddress Validation - Int’l
T-SQLAddress Validation - Int’l
VB.NETAddress Validation - Int’l
C# - Code LibraryAddress Validation - Int’l
C#Address Validation - Int’l
Node.jsAddress Validation - Int’l
JavaAddress Detective - Int’l
C#Address Detective - Int’l
C# - Code LibraryAddress Detective - Int’l
C#Address Geocode - International
JavaAddress Geocode - International
ColdFusionLead Validation
PythonLead Validation
ASPLead Validation
C#Lead Validation
JavaLead Validation
PHPLead Validation
VB.NETLead Validation
Ruby on RailsLead Validation
APEXLead Validation
T-SQLLead Validation
PHP - Code LibraryLead Validation
C# - Code LibraryLead Validation
Java - Code LibraryLead Validation
Node.jsLead Validation
ColdFusionLead Enhancement
PythonLead Enhancement
Ruby on RailsLead Enhancement
ASPLead Enhancement
C#Lead Enhancement
JavaLead Enhancement
PHPLead Enhancement
VB.NETLead Enhancement
APEXLead Enhancement
T-SQLLead Enhancement
Node.jsLead Enhancement
ColdFusionName Validation
PythonName Validation
Ruby on RailsName Validation
JavaName Validation
APEXName Validation
ASPName Validation
T-SQLName Validation
C#Name Validation
PHPName Validation
VB.NETName Validation
Node.jsName Validation
C#Lead Validation - Int’l
JavaLead Validation - Int’l
Node.jsLead Validation - Int’l
ColdFusionLead Enhancement Plus
PythonLead Enhancement Plus
Ruby on RailsLead Enhancement Plus
ASPLead Enhancement Plus
C#Lead Enhancement Plus
JavaLead Enhancement Plus
PHPLead Enhancement Plus
VB.NETLead Enhancement Plus
APEXLead Enhancement Plus
T-SQLLead Enhancement Plus
Node.jsLead Enhancement Plus
ColdFusionEmail Validation
PythonEmail Validation
Ruby on RailsEmail Validation
APEXEmail Validation
VB.NETEmail Validation
ASPEmail Validation
T-SQLEmail Validation
C#Email Validation
JavaEmail Validation
PHPEmail Validation
PHP - Code LibraryEmail Validation
C# - Code LibraryEmail Validation
Java - Code LibraryEmail Validation
Node.jsEmail Validation
ColdFusionEmail Insight
PythonEmail Insight
Ruby on RailsEmail Insight
APEXEmail Insight
VB.NETEmail Insight
ASPEmail Insight
T-SQLEmail Insight
C#Email Insight
JavaEmail Insight
PHPEmail Insight
Node.jsEmail Insight
ColdFusionOrder Validation
PythonOrder Validation
Ruby on RailsOrder Validation
APEXOrder Validation
VB.NETOrder Validation
ASPOrder Validation
T-SQLOrder Validation
C#Order Validation
JavaOrder Validation
PHPOrder Validation
Node.jsOrder Validation
ColdFusionIP Address Validation
PythonIP Address Validation
Ruby on RailsIP Address Validation
ASPIP Address Validation
C#IP Address Validation
JavaIP Address Validation
PHPIP Address Validation
VB.NETIP Address Validation
APEXIP Address Validation
T-SQLIP Address Validation
Node.jsIP Address Validation
IP Address Validation
IP Address Validation
Ruby on RailsFastTax
JavaBIN Validation
VB.NETBIN Validation
ASPBIN Validation
C#BIN Validation
PHPBIN Validation
ColdFusionBIN Validation
PythonBIN Validation
Ruby on RailsBIN Validation
APEXBIN Validation
T-SQLBIN Validation
Node.jsBIN Validation
Ruby on RailsGeoPhone
ColdFusionGeoPhone Plus
PythonGeoPhone Plus
Ruby on RailsGeoPhone Plus
APEXGeoPhone Plus
VB.NETGeoPhone Plus
ASPGeoPhone Plus
T-SQLGeoPhone Plus
C#GeoPhone Plus
JavaGeoPhone Plus
PHPGeoPhone Plus
PHP - Code LibraryGeoPhone Plus
C# - Code LibraryGeoPhone Plus
Java - Code LibraryGeoPhone Plus
Node.jsGeoPhone Plus
ColdFusionPhone Append
PythonPhone Append
Ruby on RailsPhone Append
APEXPhone Append
VB.NETPhone Append
ASPPhone Append
T-SQLPhone Append
C#Phone Append
JavaPhone Append
PHPPhone Append
Node.jsPhone Append
ColdFusionPhone Exchange
PythonPhone Exchange
Ruby on RailsPhone Exchange
APEXPhone Exchange
VB.NETPhone Exchange
ASPPhone Exchange
T-SQLPhone Exchange
C#Phone Exchange
JavaPhone Exchange
PHPPhone Exchange
Node.jsPhone Exchange
ASPDemographics Plus
JavaDemographics Plus
PHPDemographics Plus
VB.NETDemographics Plus
ColdFusionDemographics Plus
PythonDemographics Plus
Ruby on RailsDemographics Plus
APEXDemographics Plus
C#Demographics Plus
T-SQLDemographics Plus
Node.jsDemographics Plus
Global Address Complete
C#Global Address Complete