DOTS and Microsoft Office

Call Any DOTS Web Service from Within Any Microsoft Office Application

DOTS and Microsoft Office turns your Excel spreadsheets into living documents. With the power of DOTS contact validation Web services, your contact data stays fresh as contact information changes over time.


Unlock the true potential of Excel with bi-directional, real-time data access. Service Objects' DOTS Web Services gather online information and deliver it to desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word, and keep that information up-to-date as it changes.

Web services support is built into Microsoft Office applications, allowing for out-of-the-box, code-free integration with COM and .NET and leveraging the W3C's XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI standards. Microsoft Excel communicates through XML messaging to the DOTS server for real-time data access without the need of plug-ins.



If you have the .NET Framework, you may already have everything you need to use DOTS in your Office application. If you don't have .NET Framework, then you should install the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0.

In Office 2000 and Office 2003, Microsoft allows efficient Web Service communication through its Web Services Toolkit, as well as its SOAP toolkit, in order to integrate the use of unified Web services. Basically, for every document that uses Web service data, a snippet of VBA code is created.

All DOTS Web services support the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) 1.1 standard. WSDL is a formal way to describe SOAP message formats in a human or machine-readable format. The SOAP Toolkit 3.0 reads WSDL files and dynamically generates COM interfaces that correspond to the operations defined in the WSDL file.

For Microsoft Office 2007 and Visual Studio 2008, with version 3.5 of the .NET framework, the most current, and easiest way of building SOAP data accessibility into Office documents is by way of .NET integration. Visual Studio provides a managed and quick way of integrating data pulled from SOAP sources like DOTS Web Services.

Sample Code


The following sample code is available to help you integrate DOTS contact validation Web services into your Microsoft Office applications:

► DOTS Address Validation Example for Excel for Office 2007 and Office 2010
► DOTS Email Validation Example for Excel for Office 2007 and Office 2010
► DOTS GeoPhone Example for Excel for Office 2000 and Office 2003
► DOTS GeoPhone Plus Example for Excel for Office 2007 and Office 2010
► DOTS FastTax Example for Excel for Office 2007 and Office 2010
► DOTS IP Address Validation Example for Excel for Office 2000 and Office 2003

Please note: To use any of our DOTS contact validation Web services within your Microsoft Office program, you'll need a license key to access live data for the specific product you choose.

Free 30-day trial keys are available here, or you can access them through a link provided in your download readme.

System Requirements


Visual Studio: To be able to run the DOTS Web Service Add-ins for Excel, you are required to install Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO).
The VSTO toolkit can be downloaded here.

NET 2.0 Framework: You will also need the .NET 2.0 Framework. It will most likely already be installed on your computer, but if it's not, it can be downloaded at: