DOTS and Microsoft SQL Server

Update and append SQL data to an existing data sources with no application development

DOTS Web Service Products can be used to implement external HTTP SOAP method calls to our DOTS Web Services via a User Defined Function.


Design Reference

Clean data can reduce costs and save time.
The data from your web forms, that populates your SQL database, is like gold to your business. Is the data up to date? Have people moved? Was there data entered correctly? In just 200ms per transaction you can know all this and more. With accurate records you can have a higher degree of confidence when sending out mail, email, phone numbers and more. Clean data can save time and money.

Design DOTS Web Services into your SQL Database.
If you need to update or append data in your SQL database, our DOTS Web Services can be integrated into your code to send a web call to our servers and clean your records in real-time. Addresses, phone numbers, geolocations and more can all be validated and appended in real-time.

Sample Code


Most of our products can be integrated into an SQL environment. Visit the Sample code area on our website and select the sample code for the product you need.

For services not featured, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with integration.