Service Objects Announces it Has Validated over 2.5 Billion Transactions, Further Strengthening its Position as the Global Leader in Contact Due Diligence

Businesses nationwide rely on Service Objects to reduce waste and fraud by improving the quality of their customer data.

SANTA BARBARA, CA (November 10, 2016) – Service Objects, the leading provider of real-time contact due diligence solutions, today announced that since 2001 they have validated over 2.5 billion transactions. By enabling businesses to validate their contacts’ name, location, phone, email address and device against hundreds of authoritative data sources, Service Objects makes organizations more efficient by helping eliminate fraudulent contacts and reduce the waste associated with bad contact data.

Over the past 15 years, Service Objects has grown to become the leader in the data validation industry and provides various data quality solutions for businesses operating around the globe. With over 2,400 companies, including Amazon, LendingTree, American Express, MasterCard, and Verizon, relying on Service Objects for their data quality needs on a daily basis, it was not difficult to perform over 500 million transactions in less than a year and surpass the 2.5 billion transaction milestone.

"We are the only company to combine the freshest address data with exclusive phone information and map data, so that our customers can be sure that every contact in their database is as genuine, accurate and up-to-date as it can possibly be," said Geoff Grow, Founder and CEO of Service Objects. "Combining information from multiple trusted sources makes our data very accurate. This is why our customers have relied on us to validate 2.5 billion of their transactions."

Service Objects’ growth has been achieved by consistently demonstrating their commitment to their customers’ success; offering unlimited 24/7/365 customer support; providing 99.999% guaranteed network uptime; and delivering bank-grade transaction security.

About Service Objects
Service Objects is the leading provider of contact due diligence solutions, validating online transactions in real-time, including contact name, address, phone, email and device. Using Service Objects’ international validation and location web services, businesses can identify potentially fraudulent contact records, gain hidden insight on prospects and customers, append contact information, and process transactions in a more efficient manner. Service Objects has validated over 2.5 billion contacts, and major brands such as American Express, LendingTree, Amazon, Verizon, Sony and Microsoft rely on Service Objects for their data validation needs. For more information about Service Objects’ real-time web services, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .