New Reverse Lookup Service Takes On Mobile Market

First Complete Reverse Lookup for Wireless, Landline, VOIP and Toll Free Numbers.

The New DOTS GeoPhone Plus Provides Comprehensive Coverage of Telephone Number Lookups and Incorporates Pay Per Match Pricing to Reduce Customer Costs.

March 31, 2009 — Service Objects, Inc., the industry leader in real-time contact validation, today announced the release of DOTS GeoPhone Plus, the industry’s first reverse telephone number lookup solution that combines the critical feature of wireless telephone data with other real-time telephone number lookup capabilities, including landline, VoIP, and toll free telephone types. With wireless telephone subscription rates hitting an all time high of 83% in 20081, and landline use dropping a staggering 9.3% last year alone2, it is vital that companies have the ability to validate all telephone types, not just traditional landlines. In the past, this rapidly increasing shift to wireless telephone lines has caused problems for sales and marketing methods because wireless data was unattainable, until now. DOTS GeoPhone PlusSM is the only commercially available XML API service that solves this problem by offering complete and accurate US and Canadian telephone number coverage for wireless, landline, VoIP, and toll free numbers, for business, residential, and government listings.

So far, telephone validation services have been incapable of running complete searches for various line types in a single transaction, with users often having to query multiple solutions to get the full coverage necessary in today’s more mobile business environment. With the release of DOTS GeoPhone Plus, businesses finally have an effective solution for all of their reverse telephone lookup needs. With the use of proprietary and exclusive databases, and the innovation of cascading logic, DOTS GeoPhone Plus offers the industry’s most precise telephone number lookup solution, returning complete contact information for virtually any telephone number, including an overall confidence score.

“In today’s challenging economic environment it is especially critical to watch every dollar spent,” says Geoffrey Grow, CEO of Service Objects. “With the release of DOTS GeoPhone Plus companies now have the ability to validate all of their leads, prospects, and customers, before wasting valuable resources on erroneous or fraudulent contact information. Furthermore, DOTS GeoPhone Plus clients only pay for transactions that end in matches, resulting in a pay-for-match pricing model that further protects today’s already stressed budgets.”

DOTS GeoPhone Plus is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service designed to provide the most comprehensive reverse lookup of virtually any telephone number available in the US and Canada. The service gives customers the ability to find name and postal address information for US and Canadian telephone numbers, and delivers contact validation in real-time. The DOTS GeoPhone Plus Web Service can easily be implemented behind the scenes of a Web form, in contact centers, or integrated with any CRM system to help customers instantly append contact data to their telephone records, and weed out fraudulent or incomplete telephone records.

When DOTS GeoPhone Plus is used to validate a telephone number, that phone number is instantly checked against Service Objects’ extensive data source of over 300 million records, returning an accurate and validated telephone number and contact information in about .5 seconds. Furthermore, Service Objects’ core telephone number data is updated daily with more than 4 million new records from over 2,000 telephone carriers, providing customers with unparalleled contact information.

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2 The New York Times, January 28, 2009