Service Objects’ Customers Save on Holiday Shipping

DOTS Address Validation Service Helps Reduce Wasted Resources.

DOTS Address Validation Services now feature the cost saving Residential Delivery Indicator—helping businesses reduce shipping costs.

December 2, 2009 — Service Objects, Inc., the industry leader in online contact validation, today announced business customers using DOTS Address Validation Services have one more way to save on shipping costs this holiday season. For years, Service Objects has been helping businesses reduce shipping surcharges with its real-time address validation and correction services. Now those services have been enhanced to include Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI)™, a service offered through the United States Postal Service®, which determines if an address is a residence or commercial address. The majority of shipping providers apply a surcharge between $2.00 and $3.00 per package for residential deliveries. With more than 91% of addresses classified as residential, this can amount to big cost savings for businesses during the busiest shipping season of the year.

"At Service Objects, our customers are our priority," said Geoff Grow, founder and CEO. "We constantly strive to improve our services in ways that are meaningful to our customers' business. Helping them reduce costs and increase their operating efficiencies are core to our DNA and what we do best here."

DOTS Address ValidationSM Services offer the most complete and accurate address validation and correction services available. Designed to be used at the point-of-entry, companies conducting business online can integrate DOTS Address Validation Services into their website, enabling them to correct and validate each address immediately as their customer inputs it. For years, this capability has been saving Service Objects' customers money in shipping surcharges—as most providers charge upwards of $9.00 per package for improperly addressed shipments. Now with DOTS Address Validation and RDI combined, businesses can instantly correct the address and have visibility to the type of delivery location (residential vs. business), allowing them to select the most cost-effective shipping method for each parcel and potentially save up to $13.50 per package.

When DOTS Address Validation Services are integrated into a company's website, the real-time web service allows a company to immediately verify the address and make any corrections immediately. For example, a customer making a purchase at a major online retailer will input their address into a web form as they are making the purchase. DOTS Address Validation Services instantly verify, append, and correct United States street addresses by checking the address against a continuously updated database of USPS® valid street addresses, and other online databases. Now with the Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI), businesses can immediately factor the type of address into their shipping costs and make real-time changes to calculate shipping charges for package.

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