New Service from Service Objects Combats Online Fraud

Automatic Live Phone Call or SMS Message Communicates Directly With Online Customers.

Service Objects launches DOTS Telephone Verification, a web service that provides phone number confirmation and offers greater insight into online transactions by enhancing real-time phone verification with multiple operations.

June 8, 2010 – Service Objects, Inc. announces the release of DOTS Telephone VerificationSM, a web service that verifies online contacts in real-time by placing an automated phone call or SMS text message in response to each individual customer’s telephone number input. Optional integrated operations add layers of security to online transactions by using contacts’ phone numbers to gather further data on them, assuring that they are who they say they are. Service Objects specializes in business-grade contact validation web services for leading companies in the US and Canada and has developed this product to respond to their need for better control of their online interactions.

“Online fraud is rising, Our customers demanded a verification service that included both live phone or SMS verification and options for added layers of security that are invisible to end users; without impacting the flow of their e-commerce processes.” says Dave Swan, CRO of Service Objects, “DOTS Telephone Verification stands apart from other phone verification services by expanding the security operations based on additional verified data, allowing customers the flexibility to deploy as little or as much security as they need, depending on their individual circumstances.”

DOTS Telephone Verification works by instantly sending authorization codes, or PINs, via live automated phone calls or SMS text messages in response to contacts’ telephone number inputs. Companies use this telephone verification service to not only confirm whether or not a submitted telephone number is working, but also to verify that it’s connected to the person completing a web form.

Service Objects’ DOTS Telephone Verification expands on this concept by also including optional operations that provide information such as a phone number’s exchange, including carrier, line type, city, and state; helping companies determine the origin of the call and the type of phone, (ex. VoIP, wireless, or landline). For even further insight, localized information about a phone number may be obtained and employed, such as the listed contact name, address, city and state, even latitude/longitude, in addition to exchange information. This allows companies to verify that people interacting with their web applications are associated with the phone numbers they have input. The added services provide additional and enhanced information that companies can use to determine whether or not to approve or deny an individual’s ability to complete an online transaction.

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