Service Objects Expands Lead Quality Product Line

New Family of Lead Quality Solutions: 3 Levels of Products and Feature Sets.

Two new lead enhancement products join DOTS Lead Validation to form a family of real-time Lead Quality Solutions. This new development provides a unique opportunity for Web developers to choose from distinct sets of features and pricing options: to customize the best solution, at the best price, in order to weed out good online contacts from bad or fraudulent ones.

September 14, 2010 – Service Objects, Inc. announces the release of DOTS Lead EnhancementSM (DOTS LE) and DOTS Lead Enhancement PlusSM (DOTS LEP).

DOTS LE is an integrated set of contact validation and enrichment Web services that validate, append and enhance user inputs. It checks and standardizes street and e-mail address; and provides information about IP address, name, phone type and phone exchange. DOTS LEP takes it one step further by adding more advanced telephone services, providing reverse lookup information and an alternative phone number associated with the lead.

“Simple address validation is not enough in today’s market. Just ask your Sales or Marketing department,” says Dave Swan, Service Objects CRO. “They want maximum enrichment of each incoming lead with a focus on what is important for their markets: enhanced address and name, enriched phone information; or all that and customized lead scoring --- not just weeding out bad leads, but enhancing their efforts at selling to good leads.”

Service Objects’ experience in providing business-grade contact validation Web services to over 1,600 smaller to F500 companies has led to the expansion of its lead quality product line. DOTS LE and DOTS LEP joins DOTS Lead Validation (DOTS LV) to provide developers with a selection of easy-to-integrate XML Web services that fully enhance good leads and identify bad leads, in real-time, and at the point-of-contact data entry.

To enable best selection of DOTS Lead Quality Solutions, a comparative product specification chart can be found on Service Objects’ website at /products/lead-data-quality-solutions/compare-services

Service Objects Inc. is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers hosted, programmable XML Web services, with full APIs that allow developers to easily integrate real-time contact validation and other data enrichment tools into their online applications or business systems. Supported by an in-house customer service team, Service Objects helps companies improve their websites, CRM systems and online business processes through instant, transaction-based validation, utilizing a USPS Cass CertifiedTM cleansing engine, extensive phone company data, and over 130 regularly updated proprietary data sources.

Web services include: address validation, email validation, phone validation, phone number verification via automated ring-up or SMS text messaging, lead quality solutions, tax and BIN validation, reverse lookups, IP identification and other products used for data quality and fraud prevention.