Contact Validation Just Got Easier and More Secure

New DataTumbler™ App Brings 24/7 Contact List Validation Control to the User's Desktop.

Santa Barbara, CA, November 9, 2011 – Service Objects, the leader in real-time contact validation, announces a new product called DataTumbler that enables users to validate, standardize and enhance contact data in a free desktop application that produces instant results. No waiting days or even hours for FTP or batches to be submitted, uploaded, processed and returned. Users can now access over 3 billion quality contact records right from their computer, in real-time, 24/7/365. No programming required, just a simple import of a CSV file or direct cut-and-paste from Excel® or other applications. With only a few clicks clients know if their contacts are good, bad, or require further handling. And for those companies with stringent security or compliance requirements regarding access to customer data, the whole process can be run using SSL, with 256 bit AES encryption, for all communications with our secure servers, and no contact data is written or retained.

Acquiring and using the DataTumbler couldn't be easier. Once the user has activated their Free Trial Key or Production Key they can simply download the DataTumbler for free from our website and begin processing data immediately.

"The DataTumbler is perfect for small and infrequent batches like processing post-tradeshow leads, or before importing data into a CRM system," said Geoff Grow, CEO and founder of ServiceObjects. "It offers our customers an extra option for validating their contacts. Customers now have the option to use their license key to run the selected DOTS Web Service either in real-time integrated into their web application or in small batches in the DataTumbler or both."

DataTumbler is intended for lighter data file use for batches up to 5,000 records at a time. For larger batch files customers can purchase Service Objects Batch or FTP service plans for their desired DOTS Web Service. The company has over 20 products to choose from.

Typical applications for DataTumbler:

  • Run sample batches to test data or establish metrics expected for new input formats
  • Batch analyze data from an application
  • Run a batch list of leads from events or partners prior to import into your CRM system
  • Import a batch from an application database to clean, correct and return

The new DataTumbler is immediately available for download at the Service Objects website.