Service Objects Releases Industry’s Most Complete Wireless Phone Number Lookup Solution

DOTS GeoPhone Wireless Allows for Comprehensive Coverage of Telephone Number Lookups in Real-Time with Industry Leading Accuracy.

SANTA BARBARA, CA — April 21, 2008 — Service Objects, Inc., the industry leader in online contact validation, today announced the May 30, 2008 release of DOTS GeoPhone Wirelesssm, a complete solution for real-time wireless telephone number lookup capabilities. As of early 2008 the number of wireless telephone users will reach a record high of 83%¹, while landline growth has been negative since 2001² with an average landline abandonment rate of 17%¹ in the US This ongoing shift in phone line usage is increasingly causing problems for traditional sales and direct marketing methods, which conventionally rely on landline telephone numbers for the collection of contact information and telemarketing efforts. To combat this problem, Service Objects is releasing the industry’s most complete and accurate wireless phone number lookup solution: DOTS GeoPhone Wireless.

To date, the majority of reverse telephone number lookup services have been incapable of running complete searches on wireless telephone numbers, returning match rates as low as 20 percent. Now, with the release of DOTS GeoPhone Wireless, businesses finally have an effective solution for their wireless telephone lookup needs. With the use of new and exclusive databases, DOTS GeoPhone Wireless offers the industry’s most complete wireless telephone number lookup solution, returning match rates of over 50 percent and growing.

"In our business data quality is key," says Jason Scott, CIO of Innovation Ads. "This is especially true for our niche clientele in the higher education vertical, where part of the challenge is a younger audience that is less likely to be using landline technology. Implementing DOTS GeoPhone Wireless into our online lead forms will enable us to ensure the highest level of data quality to our customers, and help Innovation Ads continue to be the nation's premier provider of online leads and enrollment management services."

DOTS GeoPhone Wireless is a hosted, programmable XML Web service designed to provide the most complete reverse lookup of wireless telephone numbers available. The service gives customers the ability to find name and postal address information for US wireless telephone numbers, and delivers contact validation in real-time. When DOTS GeoPhone Wireless is used in conjunction with DOTS GeoPhone for landlines, the two services offer the ability to cover the entire spectrum of phone types for reverse phone number lookups - including landline, VoIP, and now wireless.

When DOTS GeoPhone Wireless is used to validate a wireless telephone number, that phone number is instantly checked against Service Objects’ extensive data source of over 105 million records, returning an accurate and validated wireless telephone number and contact information in less than one second. Furthermore, our wireless telephone number data is updated monthly, with over 1 million new wireless phone numbers added at every update, providing users with unparalleled wireless contact information.

DOTS GeoPhone Wireless can easily be implemented behind the scenes of a web form, in call centers, or integrated with any CRM system to help you weed out stale or fraudulent leads and return complete and accurate contact data for any wireless telephone number.

About Service Objects Service Objects develops and delivers information solutions that improve the integrity of online transactions and lead verification. Each day businesses rely on Service Objects to validate hundreds of thousands of contacts to reduce fraud and increase conversion rates through data validation and enhancement of incoming leads, Web orders, and customer lists. Service Objects has verified more than 600 million contact records - with availability of 99.95 percent - for more than 1,000 customers in over 25 diverse industries. A privately held, profitable company, Service Objects is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please visit us on the web at, or call +18006946269.


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