Service Objects Releases Industry’s First B2B Lead Validation Solution

DOTS Lead Validation™ provides clarity and validation to business leads.

SANTA BARBARA, CA — January 14, 2008 — Service Objects, Inc., the industry leader in Real-Time Contact Validation, today introduced a solution for companies that sell to businesses (B2B), with the newest release of its DOTS Lead Validation solution. Up until now, lead verification tools have only been available for consumer and residential leads, leaving B2B companies with no means of validating their business leads. With the use of new and exclusive databases and proprietary algorithms, DOTS Lead Validation now offers the industry’s first and only B2B lead validation tool.

When a DOTS Lead Validation customer captures a business lead, that lead’s information is instantly matched against Service Objects’ extensive data source of over 800 million records. DOTS Lead Validation then cross-validates the business name, contact name, address, telephone, e-mail, domain and IP address before returning a corrected, scored and validated lead -- all in approximately one second.

DOTS Lead Validation not only provides comprehensive validation and correction of business lead data in real-time, it also provides a numeric score of 0-100 based on the leads overall accuracy. The easy-to-read score separates fraudulent leads from top quality leads, and allows for configurable scoring so users can set parameters according to their unique business needs. DOTS Lead Validation includes indicators for telephone line type (wireless or landline) and address type (residential or business) -- saving companies countless sales and marketing dollars.

“The newest version of DOTS Lead Validation is for Sales Managers tired of their team chasing dead-end sales leads,” said Geoffrey Grow, CEO of Service Objects, Inc. “DOTS Lead Validation is like having a crystal ball for sales leads that determines straight-away who is worth pursuing and who is not.”

DOTS Lead Validation is the industry’s only comprehensive solution that cross-validates all six critical data components, resulting in a user-friendly overall score and validation analysis in a clean XML format. DOTS Lead Validation can easily be implemented behind the scenes on a web site or integrated with any CRM system to help you target your best quality prospects.

About Service Objects
Service Objects develops and delivers information solutions that improve the integrity of online transactions and lead verification. Each day businesses rely on Service Objects to validate hundreds of thousands of contacts to reduce fraud and increase conversion rates through data validation and enhancement of incoming leads, Web orders and customer lists. Service Objects has verified more than 600 million contact records - with availability of 99.999 percent - for more than 500 customers in over 25 diverse industries. A privately held, profitable company, Service Objects is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please visit us on the web at, or call 800-694-6269.