New Data Sources Added to DOTS Lead Validation

Filter for Prisons, Hotels, and Third-Party Mail Handlers in Real-Time.

Santa Barbara, CA — July 23, 2007 - Service Objects, the industry leader in Real-Time Contact Verification, announced today upgrades to its DOTS Lead Validation™, its contact validation system designed specifically to provide real-time lead validation for online marketers. The company has added new tests that can detect third-party mail handlers, hotel/motel and prison addresses. The new data will allow its clients to identify addresses that may be bogus and potentially fraudulent.

Starting today the DOTS Lead Validation will now be able to identify emerging trends in mail fraud. Service Objects’ new address detection algorithm identifies addresses and adjusts scores based on over 130 proven rules. DOTS Lead Validation is the only commercially available service that can identify suspect - yet valid - mailing addresses.

"Our new address detection system is one of many features that help online marketers detect online fraud and improve contact data quality," said Geoffrey Grow, Vice President of Sales at Service Objects. "Most marketers don’t want to waste their time pursing contacts in prison or those that have set-up shop in a motel room. We are happy to add these features to DOTS Leads Validation to help the global fight against online fraud."

About Service Objects
Service Objects is the leader in Real-Time Contact Validation solutions. Service Objects is the only contact analysis service entirely focused to help marketers reduce fraud and generate more sales through enhanced data quality. The company has verified more than 500 million contact records - with reliability of 99.999 percent - for 500 customers.

A privately held company, Service Objects is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please visit or call 800-694-6269.