Service Objects Provides Live World Cup Score Web Service


Service Objects Scores with the World Cup and Microsoft.

Santa Barbara, CA - June 12, 2002 - Service Objects is pleased to announce that their World Cup Live spreadsheet is available to World Cup fans across the globe.

Service Objects' World Cup Live delivers soccer scores to Microsoft's Excel application, hence creating a "live" spreadsheet. World Cup scores from all 64 World Cup games are automatically updated within the Excel spreadsheet. The World Cup Live spreadsheet communicates through the Internet to a web service server that is hosted by Service Objects. Every time the spreadsheet is opened, the most recent scores are automatically updated to insure that users are viewing the most accurate scores available.

"Microsoft has been extremely aggressive in modifying their desktop applications to accept live Web-XML feeds," states Geoffrey W. Grow, CEO of Service Objects. "World Cup Live is a great example of a dynamic Excel spreadsheet. A few years ago, this type of application would have taken several man-years to develop. By using Web Services and Excel self-updating spreadsheets, these applications can be built in days."

Service Objects' World Cup Live service is a demonstration of how Web Services can deliver "live" information to Microsoft Office documents. Service Objects' spreadsheet connects data from Web Services into Office documents. Other "live" Excel applications include: package tracking, address validation, payment processing and financial quotes.

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