Site Visitor Location Services Introduced

Deliver Geographic Relevant Information to Your Customers.

Santa Barbara, CA - January 19, 2002 -- Service Objects, announced today the completion of another of their Dynamic On Time Solutions (DOTS™), Location Lookup, which allows web sites to determine the geographic area their visitors are visiting from.

DOTS™ for Location Lookup instantly determines a visitor's IP address and compares this to a proprietary database of over 4 billion IP addresses and their corresponding region. Using this comparison, Location Lookup is able to determine the physical location of the web site visitor. This geographic knowledge can be applied in multiple applications, such as; personalizing content based on geography, providing regionalized advertisements and detecting credit card fraud.

Geoffrey Grow, CEO of Service Objects, states, "DOTS for Location Lookup has introduced geography to the Internet, allowing for localized marketing and increased security. Whether you are using geocoding to provide a visitor with the local weather or compare their credit card billing address to their physical location for security, the applications are endless."

About Service Objects Incorporated:
Founded in 1999, Service Objects, Incorporated provides web and marketing services, empowering companies to instantly connect customers with a specific product or service. Service Objects' DOTS solutions are proven tools for increasing sales through higher conversion and fewer clicks for your visitors to find customized content that is targeted to them. Service Objects has 140+ clients and enjoys a high retention rate due to its fanatical commitment to customer service.