DOTS Email Validation 3
Instantly Verify, Correct and Score
Email Addresses in Real-Time
50-Step Filtration Process Ensures Maximum Email Deliverability
Reduces Bounce Rates by 90% and Improve Sender Reputation
Seamlessly Integrates with Web Forms and Business Applications

Our 50-step detection and verification filters include the following: bogus, vulgar, disposable, role, misspelling, screamer, syntax, domain, mail server, box-level and many more. Validation and corrections can be made immediately, reducing bounce rates by up to 90%, protecting your business from being blacklisted by ISPs and maximizing deliverability.

Email Validation combats fraud at the source, flagging scammers that hide behind spoofed email addresses. The service also warns of potential spam traps, honeypots and known national and international spammers, while providing important MX specific flags like catch-all, wireless, free, alias and domain quality.

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How Email Validation Works
DOTS Email Validation performs over 50 tests and calculates a quality score for each email address. Try it out below.


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For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

Features and Benefits




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  • 50-step filtration process ensures the most genuine and deliverable email possible
  • Warns of potential vulgarity, screamers, spam traps, honeypots, bogus emails, and known international and national spammers
  • Automatically corrects common email errors such as typos, extraneous text, common domain misspellings and syntax problems
  • Provides important MX specific flags including: catch-all, wireless, free, disposable, alias, domain quality and more
  • Supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) detection, allowing for two-way encryption when detected
  • Improves the ROI of marketing and sales campaigns by providing an actionable quality score
  • Blocks inaccurate email addresses from entering sales and marketing platforms
  • Identifies and fights fraud while protecting your sender reputation
  • Improves customer service through better contact rates
  • International coverage
  • Sub-second response times
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Three Ways to Use Email Validation
Real-Time API
Cloud Connectors
Connects with major marketing, sales and
ecommerce platforms
List Processing
Securely upload lists
for processing

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