Global Address Accuracy and
Location Intelligence
Real-time APIs ensure your addresses from anywhere in the world are valid, accurate and up-to-date.

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Address Accuracy

Real-time APIs to ensure your addresses from anywhere in the world are valid, accurate and up-to-date.

CASS-certified, Address Validation API instantly verifies, corrects and appends US mailing addresses with near-perfect accuracy. Our industry-leading service includes the USPS’ Delivery Point Validation (DPV), Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) and SuiteLink data for enhanced delivery intelligence.
Verifies and standardized addresses to Canada Post standards. Covers over 15 million Canadian addresses in all 10 provinces and 3 territories. Detects, formats and returns addresses in both English and French.
Instantly corrects, standardizes and appends addresses for over 250 countries. Validates global addresses to 99.5% match accuracy while correcting to the country’s postal formats and idiosyncrasies. Supports transliteration and over 25,000 alternate country names and variations in different languages.
Our USPS-approved NCOA Live API is in lock-step with the postal service’s change-of-address data to help maintain up-to-date mailing addresses for both residential and businesses in the US and can be easily integrated into leading customer management platforms.
This powerful API uses fuzzy logic and any available data points to solve and fix fatal addressing errors that standard address validation services cannot. Service includes our CASS-certified Address Validation service for US addresses.
Real-time API cross-references multiple data points to determine and append country to contact records. Helps support international data privacy compliance and provides a flag for contact records covered by the GDPR.

Location Intelligence

Real-time APIs provide geocoding and regional level demographics provide location intelligence based on address.

Our geocoding API translates US addresses into longitude and latitude coordinates using cascading logic to achieve a 99.8% match rate accuracy. The service also supports reverse geocoding to determine physical addresses based on geo-coordinates.
Our Canadian address geocoding service returns property-level latitude and longitude coordinates with 96% match rate accuracy. The service also provides demographic data points.
Our international geocoding service returns highly accurate roof-top level latitude and longitude coordinates for almost any address in the world.
Validates and standardizes US addresses, while providing latitude and longitude coordinates and regional level demographics to each address. Great for geo-targeted marketing efforts. Helps support compliance with government regulations, like fair lending practices, tax reporting and tax collection.


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