ZIP Code Level Demographics

DOTS Demographics

A real-time web service API that provides in-depth regional data at the ZIP code level, such as population, income, education level, etc.

DOTS Demographics provides comprehensive and accurate demographic information at the ZIP code level to help companies identify, understand and market to their customers and prospects. Our proprietary databases are updated regularly with the most recent information from the US Census Bureau and other nationally recognized data sources.



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XML output using query string parameters:[YourKey]
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Integrate any of our easy-to-program contact verification APIs directly into your systems for real-time cleansing, appending and fraud protection.


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Implementing an automated FTP batch for your data quality needs is the perfect way to cleanse data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


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Plans start as low as $289 per month
    • Real-time API service
    • More than two million points of information for over 40,000 ZIP codes derived from more than 400,000 distinct geographically-bounded areas in the US
    • Covers neighborhood, crime, demographic, lifestyle, risk hazard and school data
    • Updated regularly
    • Provides demographic information with over 60 data points (including distribution of age, income and education) parsed into simple XML elements
    • Returns newest data sets from the US Census Bureau and other proprietary databases
    • With average response times of 300 milliseconds
  • DOTS Demographics API provides detailed demographic data by ZIP code, allowing you to quickly uncover financial, lifestyle, weather, crime rate data, and other demographic data associated with a given ZIP code. Simply enter the ZIP code into the demographics API and explore local area profiles. ZIP code demographics allow you to identify marketing opportunities based on income, gender, population, and age data points as well as identify local geographic areas with the right type of prospects in the greatest numbers. By retrieving demographic data by ZIP code, you can target your marketing efforts and tailor products to take advantages of the local marketplace.

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