DOTS Demographics Plus
Block-Level Neighborhood
Demographics Data
Provides precise, block level demographics from US Census Bureau
Covers over 8 million census blocks and includes 90% of US companies
Combines Census Data with USPS Address data for greater accuracy

Demographics Plus is a real-time web service API that provides precise demographic data about a targeted area down to the block level. Our proprietary algorithms append and enhance data received from the US Census Bureau with USPS® data to provide the most accurate location-specific demographics information in the industry. Macro level information provides a comprehensive overview of an area while small segment data allows you to drill down on specific neighborhoods and even addresses.

Demographics Plus contains information on more than 8 million census blocks including 90% of the US Companies. For businesses, the service can easily determine the ethnic or socio-economic makeup of current and potential markets, allowing for more informed decisions.

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How Demographics Plus Works
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Age Distribution
Percent Under56.81
Percent5 To95.11
Percent10 To142.77
Percent15 To195.53
Percent20 To2415.75
Percent25 To3425.96
Percent35 To4412.98
Percent45 To5410
Percent55 To593.62
Percent60 To642.77
Percent65 To743.62
Percent75 To844.26
Percent85 And Over0.85
Percent18 And Over82.13
Percent21 And Over77.87
Percent62 And Over10.64
Percent65 And Over8.72
Median Age29.6
Resolution LevelB

Income Distribution
Percent Under100007.98
Percent10000 To1499922.27
Percent15000 To2499928.99
Percent25000 To349998.4
Percent35000 To4999910.92
Percent50000 To7499921.43
Percent75000 To999990
Percent100000 To1499990
Percent150000 To1999990
Percent200000 Or More0
Median Household Income22963
Median Household Income200828327

Race Distribution
Percent White90
Percent Black0
Percent American Indian0
Percent Asian6.67
Percent Pacific Islander0
Percent Other Race3.33
Percent Two Or More Races0
Percent Hispanic Or Latino Of Any Race40
Percent Not Hispanic Or Latino60

Ethnic Distribution
Kilometers To Urban Center1

Urban Classification
Area In Square Kilometers0.01147
People Per Square Kilometer2615.52

Other Information
Percent Female45.96
Percent Male54.04
CitySanta Barbara
Area Population200031094
Area Population Change20054.7

Census Elements
Area Population Change20107.4
County Population2000392361
County Population Change20054.4
County Population Change20107.3
State Population200033581530
State Population Change20055.4
State Population Change201010.6
Area Avg Sat Math567
Area Avg Sat English546
Area Avg Sat Total1113
County Avg Sat Math523
County Avg Sat English508
County Avg Sat Total1031
State Avg Sat Math498
State Avg Sat English477
State Avg Sat Total975
Area Grad Degree10.3
Area Bach Degree19.7
Area Assoc Degree9.7
Area Some College20.6
Area High School Grad20.1
Area Below High School Grad19.5
County Grad Degree11.1
County Bach Degree20.4
County Assoc Degree9.8
County Some College21.4
County High School Grad23.4
County Below High School Grad13.9
State Grad Degree9.0
State Bach Degree18.9
State Assoc Degree9.5
State Some College20.5
State High School Grad25.3
State Below High School Grad16.9
Area Personal Crime Risk81.0
Area Property Crime Risk81.0
County Personal Crime Risk67.0
County Property Crime Risk69.0
State Personal Crime Risk118.0
State Property Crime Risk108.0
Area Unemployment Rate4.3
Area Blue Collar51.1
Area White Collar48.9
County Unemployment Rate3.9
County Blue Collar45.8
County White Collar54.2
State Unemployment Rate4.7
State Blue Collar44.1
State White Collar55.9
Area Household Income50329.0
Area Household Spending42912.0
County Household Income54325.0
County Household Spending72310.0
State Household Income69758.0
State Household Spending53013.0
Area Median Age30.3
Area Avg Household Size2.6
Area Household Children48.8
County Median Age33.1
County Avg Household Size2.8
County Household Children66.6
State Median Age32.9
State Avg Household Size2.9
State Household Children68.9
Area Temp Jan49.7
Area Temp July65.7
Area Rain Fall18.7
Area Snow Fall0.0
County Temp Jan51.1
County Temp July67.6
County Rain Fall23.3
County Snow Fall0.0
State Temp Jan45.6
State Temp July72.9
State Rain Fall24.3
State Snow Fall1.2
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For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

Features and Benefits




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Support Engineers

  • Appends address information with over 60 variables of demographic information (including income, population, weather, employment, crime, household size and education)
  • Additional data points unique to this service include average age, income, race and ethnic distribution of specific neighborhoods
  • Demographic data for over 8 million census blocks in the U.S.
  • Detailed resolution & typical segment includes about 50 individuals
  • Identifies Urban, Suburban and Rural areas
  • Cascading logic identifies best match data at the block, block-group, ZIP, or city-level resolutions
  • Appends user-input address with the most accurate, timely and location-specific demographic data available
  • Real-time API available
  • Response time as fast as 700 milliseconds
  • Updated monthly
Three Ways to Use Demographics Plus
Real-Time API
Cloud Connectors
Connects with major marketing, sales and
ecommerce platforms
List Processing
Securely upload lists
for processing

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