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Features / Product DOTS Lead Enhancement DOTS Lead Enhancement Plus DOTS Lead Validation Competitor
Phone Validation Features 
Phone Exchange Level Information (NAA-NXX+1)
Contact Level - Line Owner Information
Contact Level Info for Landline, VoIP, and Wireless Numbers
Coverage for both US and Canadian Phone Numbers
Non-Invasive Connected/Disconnected Line Testing
Allows for Two-Phone Numbers as Inputs
Address Validation Features 
USPS / CASS Address Verification and Correction
USPS / CASS Delivery Point Verification (DPV)
Canadian Address Verification and Correction
Address Suppression for Prisons and Hotels
Address Suppression for Commercial Mail Handlers
Residential Delivery Indicator for US Addresses (RDI)
Email Validation Features 
Syntax and DNS Email Address Testing
Real-Time SMTP Email Address Testing
Bogus & Disposable Email Address Detection
Vulgar Email Address Detection
Internet Address (IP) Validation Features 
Country-Level IP Resolution
State/Region-Level IP Resolution
City-Level IP Resolution
Proxy Detection
Name Validation Features 
Valid Name Checking
Full Name Parsing and Correction
Gender Assignments (F/M/UNKNOWN)
Bogus Name & Random Keystroke Detection
Celebrity & Vulgar Name Detection
Other Features 
Alternate Phone Appended
Alternate Name & Address Appended
FTP Batch Processing Ready
Lead Quality Scoring (0-100)
Month to Month or Annual Agreement
Required Annual License Fee No No No Yes
Estimated Price per month (price/transaction) ¢ ¢¢ ¢¢¢ ¢¢¢
Complementary Products 
Live Telephone Verification (DOTS TV)
Free Product Evaluation  
Sample Batch: Up to 100 Records Yes Yes Yes  
XML License Key (See what's included)  
Features / Product DOTS Lead Enhancement DOTS Lead Enhancement Plus DOTS Lead Validation  

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