DOTS Lead Validation - International
Real-Time Lead Validation For
Your International Leads
Identify quality leads and eliminate fraud for over 250 countries
Cross-validate five key lead data points in real-time
Customize scoring and validation to meet your needs

Our flexible DOTS Lead Validation - International service enables your business to perform multi-point contact validation on global contact records through a single API call, ensuring you are working with real people and viable leads. The service cross-validates a prospect’s name, address, phone, email, and device against hundreds of authoritative data sources, correcting and appending accurate data while providing confidence and quality scores.

Lead Validation - International is highly customizable, allowing you to assign varying weights to validation points and scoring, resulting in an overall quality score (0-100) that is tailored to meet your needs. In concert with the overall quality score, the service also returns separate scores for the individual data points, enabling you to create additional business logic and workflows based on their resulting scores.

If you are spending significant money on high-value leads, this service helps ensure they are genuine. Enabling your sales and marketing teams to confidently determine which prospects have the most potential and significantly reducing time wasted on bogus leads, a particular challenge for international markets.

Lead Validation - International is easily integrated with leading CRM and marketing automation systems like Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot.

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How International Lead Validation Works
Please select from our sample data set to see how our service validates, corrects, appends and scores your leads. As you will see, the more contact details provided, the stronger our validation and cross-referencing, leading to greater confidence in their accuracy.


Choose from common use cases

Business Name
Full Name
Postal Code

Request URL

Real-Time API Responses

Our Lead Validation service performs 100+ cross-validation checks, allowing us to correct and append your data. The result is an output with over 55 fields, including individual component scores for each contact element, plus a comprehensive, overall quality score from 0-100.

Service Response


Please select input data to see results

Overall Certainty100
Overall QualityAccept
Lead CountryDE
Note Codes106, 133, 136, 140
Note DescIsNameEmailMatch,
Name Certainty100
Name QualityAccept
First Name Latin
Last Name Latin
First NameFranz
Last NameFink
Name Note Codes104
Name Note DescIsMaleGender
Address Certainty100
Address QualityAccept
Address Resolution LevelPremise
Address Line1Muellerstr. 178
Address Line213353 Berlin
Address LocalityBerlin
Address Postal Code13353
Address CountryDE
Address Note Codes101
Address Note DescIsGoodAddress
Email Certainty100
Email QualityAccept
Email Note Codes101, 105
Email Note DescIsGoodMailBox,
IP Certainty100
IP QualityAccept
IP LocalityBerlin
IP Admin AreaBE
IP CountryDE
IP Note Codes
IP Note Desc
Phone1 Certainty100
Phone1 QualityAccept
Phone1 Admin AreaBerlin
Phone1 CountryDE
Phone1 Note Codes104
Phone1 Note DescIsLandline
Phone Contact
Business Certainty0
Business QualityAccept
Business Name
Business Domain
Business Email
Business Note Codes
Business Note Desc
Information Components
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For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

Features and Benefits




Uptime Guarantee


Support Engineers

  • Verifies and cross-compares hundreds of data points to produce a combined, overall quality score (0-100)
  • Provides specific quality scores for each input including name, business, multiple phone lines, address, email, and IP/device
  • Flags fake, vulgar and egregious names and provides a clean, proper case
  • Assigns a possible gender and provides simple name alternatives by removing diacritical marks (Adélaïde Fèvre to Adelaide Fevre)
  • Determines if phone numbers match country and indicate phone line type: mobile, landline, VOIP, etc.
  • Email address is validated to name, company and other data sources for deliverability score
  • Flags vulgar, disposable & alias emails
  • Supports over 250 countries
  • Highly flexible weighting and scoring for each data point enables customized outputs tailored to your business needs
  • Validates and standardizes address formatting, while appending fixes to meet USPS delivery needs
  • Non-intrusive, SMTP-level test communicates with target server to ensure it is valid and determines what email addresses are acceptable
  • Score and check if IP matches the country address and/or phone, associated with a company and indicate if it is a proxy
  • Identifies if an organization is a nonprofit
  • Specialized messaging on each data point provides enhanced insight on potential emerging trends
  • Sub-second response times
  • Real-time API or batch service is available
  • Updated daily
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Three Ways to Use International Lead Validation
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