DOTS Lead Validation
The Good, the Bad, and the Fake
Instantly Verify and Score Leads
Improve lead quality at point-of-entry
Cross-validate five key lead data points in real-time
Easily integrates with Salesforce, Marketo and leading platforms

Our real-time Lead Validation API verifies that your US and Canadian leads are genuine, accurate and up-to-date. Bringing together 19+ years of data validation expertise around name, address, email, phone, and IP validation, we are able to provide an industry-leading verification service that cross-validates each of these contact record components. By analyzing over 130 data points, we correct and append contact records while returning a comprehensive validation score of 0-100, helping companies identify real people and eliminate fraudulent leads that waste time and resources.

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How Lead Validation Works
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Real-Time API Responses

Our Lead Validation service performs 130+ cross-validation checks, allowing us to correct and append your data. The result is an output with over 65 fields, including individual component scores for each contact element, plus a comprehensive, overall quality score from 0-100.

Service Response


Please select input data to see results

Overall Certainty100
Overall QualityAccept
Lead Country
Note Codes101, 102, 103, 106, 107, 108, 120, 124
Note DescIsNamePhoneMatch, IsPhoneAddressMatch, IsNamePhoneAddressMatch, IsNameEmailMatch, IsPhoneEmailMatch, IsBusinessEmailMatch, IsIPAddressLocationMatchHIGH, IsPhoneAddressLocationMatchLOW
Name Certainty100
Name QualityAccept
First Name Latin
Last Name Latin
First NameGeoff
Last NameGrow
Name Note Codes104
Name Note DescIsMaleGender
Address Certainty80
Address QualityAccept
Address Resolution LevelDPV
Address Line127 E Cota St Ste 500
Address Line2Santa Barbara, CA 93101-7602
Address Line3
Address Line4
Address Line5
Address LocalitySanta Barbara
Address Admin AreaCA
Address Postal Code93101-7602
Address Country
Address Note Codes102, 107
Address Note DescIsDeliverable, IsBusinessAddress
Email Certainty90
Email QualityAccept
Email Note Codes101
Email Note DescIsGoodMailBox
IP Certainty100
IP QualityAccept
IP LocalityGoleta
IP Admin AreaCA
IP CountryUS
IP Note Codes
IP Note Desc
Phone1 Certainty100
Phone1 QualityAccept
Phone1 LocalitySan Luis Obispo
Phone1 Admin AreaCa
Phone1 Country
Phone1 Note Codes111
Phone1 Note DescIsBusiness
Phone2 Certainty
Phone2 Quality
Phone2 Locality
Phone2 Admin Area
Phone2 Country
Phone2 Note Codes
Phone2 Note Desc
Phone Contact, NameSERVICE OBJECTS
Phone Contact, Address802 E COTA ST
Phone Contact, CitySANTA BARBARA
Phone Contact, StateCA
Phone Contact, Zip93103-3129
Phone Contact, TypeBUSINESS
Business Certainty100
Business QualityAccept
Business Name
Business Domain
Business Email
Business Note Codes
Business Note Desc
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For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

Features and Benefits




Uptime Guarantee


Support Engineers

  • Runs hundreds of subroutines to produce an overall numeric score of 0-100
  • Validates US and Canadian consumer and business leads
  • Accepts up to two phone numbers as inputs
  • Returns standardized, corrected and appended postal information for over 165 million unique addresses
  • Checked against database of USPS® and Canadian street addresses
  • Reverse-lookup of wireless and landline phone numbers against a database of over 400 million records
  • Tests if phone numbers are connected or disconnected
  • Determines validity of the names and assigns a possible gender
  • Checks email addresses for general and domain-specific syntax errors
  • SMTP-level test communicates with target server to ensure it is valid and determines what email addresses are acceptable
  • Parses data into different segments to show how inaccurate data impacts score
  • Coverage for both US and Canada
  • Identifies if an organization is a nonprofit
  • Sub-second response times
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Three Ways to Use Lead Validation
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