Daily Transaction Limit

Every license key has a Daily Transaction Limit (DTL) established as a service to our customers. This limit is set to help protect you from unintended runaway transactions.

Please note that this is done as a convenience only and does not modify Service Objects Service Level Agreement or terms.
Limits may change periodically.

Scroll down to view the Daily Limit for your Web Service.

Group A Web Services

  • DOTS Address Validation - Canada
  • DOTS Address Validation - US
  • DOTS BIN Validation
  • DOTS Email Validation
  • DOTS FastTax
  • DOTS Geocode - Canada
  • DOTS Geocode - US
  • DOTS IP Address Validation
  • DOTS Name Validation
  • DOTS NCOA Live
  • DOTS Phone Exchange

Group B Web Services

  • DOTS Address Insight - US
  • DOTS Address Detective
  • DOTS Address Detective - International
  • DOTS Address Validation - International
  • DOTS Demographics Plus
  • DOTS GeoPhone
  • DOTS Lead Enhancement
  • DOTS Phone Append

Group C Web Services

  • DOTS GeoPhone Plus
  • DOTS Lead Enhancement Plus
  • DOTS Lead Validation
  • DOTS Lead Validation - International
  • DOTS Order Validation

Important Points

  • Customers rarely hit their DTL, but in the event that you have a programming error that results in repeated calls to the web service, the DTL may help limit excessive overages.
  • If a license key reaches its DTL, the key will be temporarily disabled until it resets itself at 12:01AM Pacific Standard Time.
  • We will attempt to contact you in advance of any service interruption using the contact information you provided, and should keep updated. However, if you expect to process a large volume of transactions in any one given day that could exceed the DTL then you must contact us in advance to prevent complications.
  • Your DTL is calculated based on the web service and the number of transaction included in your plan.
  • The DTL does not modify your selected service plan or payment terms and is not intended to manage or control overages. It is a failsafe service for catastrophic runaway processes due to an error in your implementation or application of the web service. If you have questions regarding overages or optimal service plan selection you must contact your Service Objects Sales Account Representative.