DOTS Address Detective

Advanced Address Correction for Undeliverable Contact Records

Stop discarding incomplete address records! DOTS Address DetectiveSM by Service Objects fixes fatal addressing errors by filling in the gaps of missing address data in your contact records.

This real-time fuzzy matching API web service utilizes existing available datapoints as clues to append accurate address data. The matched address is then verified against our CASS™-Certified USPS® address verification database, and a confidence score is returned for each updated address.

Five Reasons to Choose us
  • Compatible Languages

    Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages. Don't see your language? Let us know!

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  • Address Detective API Features

    • Response time as fast as 0.75 seconds
    • Name and phone number assisted address validation
    • Searches and cross-references contact data from multiple proprietary databases
    • Fixes addresses with missing spaces and problematic alpha to standardize to USPS®
    • Validates completed address against CASS™-Certified database of over 165 million US records
    • Provides a confidence score of 1-100 based on data match points after verification process
    • DPV data returned with every mailing address
    • Designed to salvage addresses in your contact database that would normally be discarded
    • Uses proprietary fuzzy matching algorithms for hard-to-find addresses
    • Real-time API or batch service available
  • Benefits of Advanced Address Correction

    DOTS Address Detective is an address correction API that uses "fuzzy matching" techniques and other address validation clues to correct and fix addresses that would otherwise be discarded. This advanced address detection tool compares incomplete addresses against our name and phone databases to find the most likely match. This form of sophisticated address matching tool providesyou with a confidence score indicating the strength of results.

    The API then appends your incomplete contact records, ensuring accuracy and completeness. DOTS Address Detective API improves the overall quality of your contact databases, reduces costs associated with undeliverable mail, increases deliverability rates, and increases ROI.

Pricing plans start at $289/month
and include our exclusive Customer Success Program (with annual contracts) featuring:
  • 24/7 Critical Emergency Support
  • Programming consultation with Integration Engineer
  • Early access to product releases and version updates
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