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Advanced US Address Validation

One in five addresses contain errors that can result in late or undeliverable mail and shipments. Our Address Validation – US service verifies and corrects addresses to ZIP+4, ensuring addresses are valid and deliverable, avoiding costly shipping and customer service issues.

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Accurate and Up-to-Date Address Validation

Comprehensive US Coverage with our USPS-Certified Address Validation API 

Encompassing multiple authoritative sources, our validation engine leverages over 160 million USPS addresses, as well as an additional 15 million non-postal addresses to validate and correct US mailing and shipping addresses with unparalleled precision. Our engine surpasses the stringent requirements of the USPS, exceeding their CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Cycle O accuracy standards. 

Improve Delivery Logistics & Avoid Costly Address Correction Fees 

Address Validation – US focuses on address precision, significantly mitigating costs associated with undeliverable, lost, or returned mail. Whether shipping product or mailing invoices, Address Validation – US ensures delivery while avoiding costly address correction fees from the USPS and third-party shippers, keeping your operational budget in check.  

Unlock Advanced Location Intelligence  

Our Address Validation — US service goes beyond simply correcting and standardizing U.S. addresses, by also providing crucial USPS data points, including Delivery Point Validation, Residential Delivery Indicator, SuiteLink, and Delivery Barcode Digits for improved deliverability and operational efficiency. 

How Address Validation – US Works 

Real-Time Validation

Using our advanced API, your addresses are instantly cross-referenced against our authoritative databases. The moment you input an address, our system begins its precision-driven validation process, ensuring every detail matches the trusted data.

Address Standardization

Each address is not only validated but also standardized to conform to USPS formatting. This includes correcting abbreviations and standardizing layout, which is crucial for postal efficiency and compliance. 

Critical Location Intelligence and Data Enrichment

We enrich your addresses with vital USPS data points. This includes Delivery Point Validation (DPV) to confirm deliverability, Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) for accurate categorization, SuiteLink for detailed apartment and suite data, and Delivery Barcode Digits for postage optimization and deduplication. 

Seamless API Delivery for Simple Integration into Business Systems 

Our engine returns the enhanced address data directly through our API, ensuring seamless integration into your CRM and business platforms. Each address, having been meticulously corrected, standardized, and enriched with essential USPS data, is optimally formatted for immediate use in your shipping, billing, or marketing operations, streamlining workflow and enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

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Address Validation - US Features

Near-Perfect Match Rates

With advanced algorithms, our service achieves near-perfect match rates in address verification, drastically minimizing errors and ensuring high accuracy in identifying and verifying every address entered. 

Access to Up-to-Date and Authoritative Address Data 

Our constantly updated database offers access to the latest and most authoritative USPS and non-postal address data, ensuring businesses have reliable and current information for all their operational needs. 

Real-time API for Simple, Seamless Integration 

Featuring a real-time API, our service easily integrates into any business system for instant address validation and standardization, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience across platforms. 
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We are the Premier Choice for US Validation for Businesses

Service Objects, a leader in the US Address Validation, leverages over 20 years of expertise to offer unmatched accuracy and reliability in Customer Data Validation. Choosing Service Objects’ Address Validation – US means partnering with a seasoned expert in the field. 

Unmatched Accuracy 

Leveraging a thorough, multi-step verification process that includes USPS CASS-certified matching and delivery point validation, Service Objects ensures superior address validity and deliverability. 

Dedicated Customer Support 

Service Objects delivers dedicated, round-the-clock customer support, with our team of seasoned professionals committed to promptly resolving your needs for seamless service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. 

99.99% Uptime for Mission-Critical Operations 

With a remarkable 99.999% uptime, backed with a financial guarantee, Service Objects offers unparalleled reliability, enabling businesses to confidently base their mission-critical operations on our services. 

Customized Solutions for Your Business 

At Service Objects, we provide solutions that are specifically tailored to suit the unique needs of your business, offering flexibility and precision to enhance your overall operational efficiency. 

Advanced Data Security: SOC 2 Certified 

Service Objects prioritizes data security with stringent protocols, including data encryption and comprehensive security audits, all underpinned by our SOC 2 certification.  

Customized Solutions for Your Business Powered by Authoritative Global Data Sources

Our services draw from extensive, trusted global data sources, offering you unparalleled accuracy and up-to-date information to enhance and support your business operations. 

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