DOTS Address Detective - US

Fix Difficult & Fatal Address Errors

Whether it’s incomplete, inaccurate or erroneously entered, some addresses are just too difficult to validate and correct — rendering your customer contact data unusable, while creating inefficiencies and customer service issues. 

Address Detective can help solve this business challenge.

Address Detective - US

Address Detective leverages related contact information, such as phone numbers and names, to enhance its address correction process. By analyzing these additional details, the service can identify and rectify errors in addresses that might otherwise be deemed unusable.

Address Detective effectively cross-references any contact information available to fill in gaps or correct inaccuracies in address data. This method not only recovers flawed addresses but also ensures they align with CASS-certified USPS Address Validation standards, bolstering both the accuracy and deliverability of addresses.


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Features and Benefits of Address Detective – US

Avoid Costly Shipping Errors and Customer Service Issues

Avoid Costly Shipping Errors and Customer Service Issues

Address Detective reconstructs otherwise problematic addresses, even when only partial input values are provided. The result is accurate, standardized and deliverable addresses, allowing your business to avoid costly shipping, mailing and customer support issues.

CASS-Certified Means No Guessing

Fixed addresses are run through our CASS-certified Address Validation engine and standardized to the United States Postal Service format. If the address is not salvageable, Address Detective will provide any information found and flag it as unrepairable. Either way, there is no guessing – providing confidence in your address data.
CASS-Certified Means No Guessing
Recover Lost Leads and Customers

Recover Lost Leads and Customers

With over 20 years of address expertise, Address Detective is the only service available to repair and restore problematic addresses and provide you with a confidence score, allowing your business to quickly determine which addresses to use and which are not repairable.

How Address Detective – US Works

Address Correction Using Name & Phone Data

Performs analysis using name and phone information to attempt to correct difficult addresses that fail standard Address Validation.

Returns Results Status and Error Codes

Status data gives you confidence that an address has been corrected and detailed error codes help troubleshoot addresses that fail.

Corrected Address Data Components Returned

Detailed validated and corrected address data helps preserve as much valid contact data as possible, enabling lost leads and contacts to be recovered.

Provides ZIP+4, Carrier Route and Barcode Data

Returned addresses include USPS enhanced delivery data needed to process mailings to maximize postage discounts.

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