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Instant Access to Global Data Validation APIs

Global data quality APIs for your business needs

Our real-time solutions ensure your global contact data is genuine, accurate and up-to-date, helping you make better business decisions. Test any of our services with a free API key and 500 transactions.


Address validation solutions that correct, standardize and enhance your global address data to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

Our Solutions:
Address Validation
Change of Address
Address Detective
Address Insight
Global Address Complete


Address geocoding solution uses cascading logic to translate addresses into precise geographic coordinates with up to 99.8% accuracy.

Our Solution:
Address Geocoding


Email validation solution performs multi-step verification process to ensure global email addresses are genuine, accurate and deliverable.

Our Solution:
Email Validation


Phone validation solutions that perform reverse look-ups, append missing phone numbers and provide global phone exchange data.

Our Solutions:
GeoPhone (Reverse Look-Up)
Phone Append
Phone Exchange


Multi-point lead solutions validate critical contact elements to ensure your global leads are accurate while providing customer insights.

Our Solution:
Lead Validation
Lead Enhancement
Name Validation


Ecommerce and tax rate solutions to support your online business and protect against fraud and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Solution:
Order Validation
BIN Validation
IP Validation


Powerful combination of address and US Census Bureau data provides geo-focused demographics for both consumers and businesses.

Our Solution:


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