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This whitepaper examines the changing nature of e-commerce and c-commerce fraud in a post-pandemic world.
Explosive Growth in E-Commerce Helps Fuel Fraud
A guide to help understand and evaluate the benefits and features of an address autocomplete service.
Selecting an Address Autocomplete Service
Understand the impacts of address data quality and the simple tools that ensure your addresses are accurate and up-to-date.
The ROI of Address Validation
Explore the key principles of GDPR compliance and how automated data quality tools can protect your marketing efforts.
The Role of Data Quality in the General Data Protection Regulation
Get the most profitability and customer engagement from your email marketing by implementing best practices in email data quality.
The ROI of Real-Time Email Validation
A three-step strategy for managing sales and use tax compliance, including a simple way to automate tax processing.
Managing Tax Compliance: A Guide for Your Business
Learn more about how you can leverage data quality to be in compliance with the TCPA.
TCPA – How to Leverage Data Quality to Protect Your Business
Whatever your touch points are with customers or prospects, some data will be inaccurate, incomplete, or fraudulent.
Hitting the Data Trifecta
Learn where bad data comes from, how it impacts marketing campaigns and what can be done to prevent and correct it.
Marketing with Bad Contact Data: A Recipe for Disaster
Imagine sending a letter to a loved one, but forgetting to put postage on it. The letter never arrives, and is returned for lack of postage.
Mailing Without CASS Certification
Internet users cloak themselves behind a veil of anonymity, but too much anonymity might not be a good thing for online businesses.
Tor: The good. The bad. The anonymous. Finding the balance of anonymity.
Performing data verification on incoming contact information helps companies weed out fraudulent information.
Six Features Key to Choosing a Data Validation Provider
REST is a tried-and-true, simplified approach to our data validation APIs. Take a deeper look at RESTful architecture and its benefits.
Why REST is So Popular
Web Services vs. Standard Email Validation Scripts. The primary function of any email address validator (EAV) is to weed-out bad email addresses.
Email Validation: How It Works
Service Objects provides alternative connection methods for applications that don't support the SOAP protocol.
Ruby on Rails and Web Services
The Service Path is one of the most important tools for troubleshooting, referencing, and integration.
How to Use the Service Path

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