DOTS Name Validation

Capture Accurate Names at the Point of Entry

Having the correct name is essential to effectively communicating with a customer or lead. Name Validation performs a 40-step check to help your business weed out bogus and inaccurate names and prevents embarrassing personalization mistakes being sent to customers and prospects.

What’s in a name?​

Your brand has a lot riding on getting your customer and prospects names right. Accurate names are key to effective personalization and also an important indicator of fraudulent and bogus web form submissions.  

Name Validation verifies first and last names using a global database of more than 1.4 million first names and 2.75 million last names, correcting common mistakes and flagging garbage before it enters your database.


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Features and Benefits of Name Validation

40-Step Process Checks - Name Validation

40-Step Process Checks, Corrects & Scores Names

Our real-time name validation and verification service corrects and then tests against a proprietary database containing millions of consumer names to determine an overall quality score.

Your business can use this score to block or deny bogus submissions from entering your sales and marketing automation platforms.

Get Your Customer’s Names Right

First impressions are everything and getting your customer’s name is a great start.

Name Validation detects whether the name is a business or person and associates gender to aid sales, call center and customer service staff to more effectively communicate with prospects and customers.

Our service corrects first and last names while identifying possible name variations and supports global personalization with accented characters often found in international names.

Get Your Customer’s Names Right
Keep Your CRM Clean Name Validation

Keep Your CRM Clean

There is a high cost associated with bogus contacts in your CRM and business platforms.

Name Validation stops fraudulent leads at the point of entry by flagging vulgar, celebrity and garbage names. In addition, complex, compound names like “Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Susan Wilson II” are broken into individual elements for uniform name insertion.

Standardizes Data Across Internal Systems

Name Validation standardizes names in the same format to ensure you have uniformity and consistency across multiple internal systems.

Using similar name matching, duplicate records can be flagged to weed out redundant data.

Standardizes Names - Name Validation

How Name Validation Works

Name Parsed into Component Values

Returns validated name components in formatted order, including prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix.

Returns Quantitative Quality Score

A score indicating the quality of a given name, ranging from 0 (indicating the lowest quality name) to 5 (indicating the highest quality name).

Provides Identifying Name Data

Returns data for facilitating correspondence including national origin, gender, and flags for business versus personal names.

Flags Potentially Fraudulent and Bogus Names

Results returned for suspicious names include scores for potentially vulgar, celebrity, bogus and garbage names ranging from 0 to 5.

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Why choose Service Objects for your
Name Validation needs?

Choosing the right Name Validation service is crucial for businesses that prioritize data quality and accuracy. Service Objects’ Name Validation service stands out as an exceptional choice for global name validation needs. Here’s why it’s an essential tool for maintaining the integrity of your customer data:

Extensive Global Database: Service Objects’ Name Validation service has a comprehensive global database, featuring over 1.4 million first names and 2.75 million last names. This extensive coverage ensures that names from various cultures and regions are accurately recognized and validated, making it ideal for businesses with a diverse international customers.

Enhanced Contact Data Accuracy: The service excels in verifying first and last names, efficiently correcting common mistakes. This level of precision is vital for ensuring the accuracy of customer information in your database, which is essential for personalized marketing, communication and customer service.

Preventing Contact Data Pollution: A unique feature of Service Objects’ Name Validation is its ability to flag and prevent ‘garbage’ data from entering your systems. By identifying and filtering out fictitious, inappropriate, or nonsensical names, it maintains the cleanliness and reliability of your database.

Improving Customer Interactions: Accurate name data is critical for building trust and personalization in customer interactions. This service ensures that communications with customers, whether for marketing, customer support, or billing, are appropriately addressed, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

Streamlining Data Management: The integration of this service into your data management processes helps streamline operations. With automated Name Validation, you can reduce manual data entry errors and the time spent on data correction, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Supporting Compliance and Risk Management: Accurate Name Validation is also crucial for compliance with various data protection and privacy regulations. It helps in risk management by ensuring the authenticity of customer information, which is particularly important in sectors like finance and healthcare.

Enhancing Marketing Efforts: For marketing teams, having a database with accurately validated names is invaluable. It enables more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, which can lead to better customer engagement, higher conversion rates and reduce the risk of embarrassing personalization mistakes.

Name Validation: A Critical Element of Customer Data Validation

Name Validation is a crucial component of a comprehensive Customer Data Validation Strategy. This strategy is centered around ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and usefulness of customer information, which is pivotal for any business’s operations and customer relations. Here’s how Name Validation integrates into this strategy:

Ensuring Contact Data Accuracy: The primary role of Name Validation within your Customer Data Validation strategy is to maintain the accuracy of customer names, while helping detect and remove fraudulent, garbage and bogus names. By verifying first and last names against a vast global database, Name Validation corrects errors and inconsistencies, ensuring that customer records are accurate. This is crucial for all aspects of customer interaction and data analysis.

Enhancing Customer Relationships: Accurate name data is fundamental to building and maintaining positive customer relationships. Personalized communication, which relies on correct name information, is key to customer engagement and satisfaction. Name Validation ensures that communications, whether marketing materials, support interactions, or billing information, are correctly addressed, fostering a more personal and respectful connection with customers.

Preventing Fraudulent Contact Data: Name Validation plays a significant role in preventing the entry of incorrect or fraudulent data into your systems. By filtering out fictitious or nonsensical names, it maintains the integrity and cleanliness of your customer database, which is essential for reliable data analysis and business decisions.

Improving Operational Efficiency: Automating Name Validation reduces the workload involved in manual data entry and correction. This efficiency not only saves time but also minimizes the potential for human error, leading to smoother and more efficient operational processes.

Name Validation maintains the quality and reliability of customer name data, which in turn influences customer relations, compliance, marketing effectiveness, and overall operational efficiency. This makes it a vital tool for any business focused on leveraging high-quality customer data for success.

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