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Global Address Complete - Places

Service Objects, the leading provider of real-time global contact validation solutions, is pleased to announce significantly expanded suggestion capabilities for its DOTS Global Address Complete service.

We listen to our customers, and our developers are often able to turn their requests into new features that benefit everyone. This major enhancement to Global Address Complete is a good example of this relationship.

Geoff Grow, CEO, Service Objects

Global Address Complete is a seamless address autocomplete service that suggests and validates addresses to the suite or apartment level for locations worldwide, reducing keystrokes by 80% and cart abandons by up to 30%, while ensuring accurate deliveries. With the new feature, the service can also search and return broader locations, such as cities and regions.

The Places enhancement expands the service beyond the typical address type-ahead or address autocomplete application, to help support less-specific location suggestions. The functionality was developed to support a client that needed to estimate shipping costs between two locations, without knowing specific addresses. In response to this need, the service was also updated to provide the latitude and longitude centroids and a list of postal codes associated with the location.

These types of suggestions can be used in applications to find a destination city for travel, estimate taxes or delivery costs, determine what service is available in a geographic area, and many more uses.  The new functionality is included with the Global Address Complete service at no extra cost.

Service Objects Founder and CEO Geoff Grow highlights that some of our best enhancements come from customer requests: “We listen to our customers, and our developers are often able to turn their requests into new features that benefit everyone. This major enhancement to Global Address Complete is a good example of this relationship.”

To learn more about the full line of Service Objects’ data quality products, visit our products page. And for more information about integrating any of these products with your business applications, including a free trial license, please contact us.


People who live in glass houses … need the right insurance. For USPlate Glass Insurance Company, a highly successful Chicago-area firm that has grown over the past three decades to become the largest monoline glass insurer in the United States, this is their specialty. USPlate provides coverage for glass in commercial buildings as well as residential developments such as condominiums and co-ops, and also reinsures and manages glass coverage for other insurers.

Because their coverage is so location-specific, accurate addressing has tremendous business and legal consequences for their operations. Recently, Service Objects sat down with Bob Fagan, Senior VP of Finance and Accounting at USPlate, to discuss how our products and support serve a critical function for them.

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