DOTS Address Geocode - International

Translate Global Addresses to Precise Geo-Coordinates

Our Address Geocode – International service enhances risk assessment and shipping logistics by delivering more than just an address. It offers precise rooftop longitude and latitude coordinates globally, ensuring pinpoint accuracy for any location worldwide.

Address Geocode – International

Address Geocode – International is an integral component of our product suite, designed to elevate the precision of your location data. It works by cross-referencing your provided addresses with authoritative global data sets, resulting in the delivery of highly accurate rooftop-level geo-coordinates for nearly any location worldwide.

This service encompasses two key features:

  • Geo-location: This functionality converts any global address into its corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates, expressed in decimal degrees. It’s an essential tool for mapping and spatial analysis.
  • Reverse Geo-location: Inversely, this feature takes latitude and longitude coordinates and accurately translates them back into a detailed address, formatted according to the specific postal conventions of the relevant country.

Together, these features ensure comprehensive and precise geo-spatial data handling for various applications, from logistics to analytics.


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Features and Benefits of
Address Geocode – International

Enables Accurate Pick-up and Delivery - Geocode Service

Enables Accurate Pick-up and Delivery

Address Geocode – International leverages our 20 years of address expertise to provide powerful and accurate results in real-time throughout the world.

  • Both addresses and geo-coordinates are cross-validated using a combination of authoritative postal and spatial data
  • Advanced artificial intelligence maximizes match rates and accuracy in any country
  • Flexible outputs allow you to meet each country’s postal addressing conventions

Returns Additional Location Intelligence

Depending upon the sophistication of the country’s authoritative sources, Geocode – International provides supplemental information including:

  • Returns 16 levels of precision including points of interest (POI)
  • Also returns locality, administrative area, postcode and country
  • Enables point-to-point distance calculations commonly used for shipping logistics and insurance risk assessment
  • Provides custom mapping URLs for popular mapping tools
Returns Additional Location Intelligence - Geocode Service

How Address Geocode – International Works

Returns Geo-Coordinates from Input Address

Addresses are corrected and standardized using Service Objects Address Validation, then converted to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Supports Reverse Geo-Coding to Address

Latitude and longitude coordinates are translated to validated and precise addresses in proper country format.

Cascading Logic Delivers Highest Resolution

Returns 16 levels of precision including points of interest (POI), and also returns locality, administrative area, postcode and country.

Creates URLs for Google Maps

Creates and returns Google Maps URLs for mapping applications.

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