Meet Our Management Team

At Service Objects, we’re pioneers in real-time contact validation APIs, a legacy we’ve upheld since our founding in 2001. Our mission is to ensure customer data quality excellence, having verified over 6 billion contact records for clients across diverse sectors including retail, technology, government, insurance, communications, leisure, utilities, and finance. Thousands of businesses and developers rely on our APIs to validate transactions, support compliance, reduce fraud, increase conversions, and enhance incoming leads and customer lists.

We are fanatical about Customer Data Validation and customer service, boasting uptime of 99.999% over the past 22 years. Our dedication to reducing wasted paper, time, and resources aligns with our core values of Customer Service Excellence, Outstanding Network Performance, a Fun and Healthy Workplace, and Corporate Conservation.

Service Objects is proud of the impact we make with each validated contact record, contributing to better customer loyalty, fraud prevention, and environmental conservation. Join us as we continue to set the standard in data quality and customer service.

Our Leadership Team

Geoff Grow

Geoff Grow

Founder & CEO

Geoff fell in love with numbers at an early age, a fascination that soon extended to computers, programming, and problem-solving. By age 14, Geoff had written code for a video game that he eventually sold on CompuServe. He co-founded InterAxis, selected as one of California’s top 10 start-ups in 1997 which was later sold to Infranor. Driven to solve problems of inefficiency and waste through mathematical equations, Geoff founded Service Objects in 2001. Since then, Service Objects has validated and improved more than 6 billion contact records for over 3,000 clients. Geoff drives the leadership team to success at Service Objects. He wears many hats including product visionary, mentor and math wizard. An avid outdoorsman, Geoff can often be found on his bicycle or playing beach volleyball.

Chris Morales

Chris Morales

Director of Operations

Chris manages the day-to-day operations of Service Objects and leads our customer care department to ensure team responsiveness and client satisfaction. Recognizing that a happy, empowered team is better equipped to respond to and help clients, Chris always goes the extra mile to ensure that each employee is happy in their position and has access to the tools needed to perform at their best.

Jonas Shaefer

Jonas Shaefer

Director of Engineering

Jonas leads our R&D and Applications Engineering departments. He’s one busy guy who always stays cool under pressure. Jonas puts his engineering expertise to work, ensuring that every Service Objects product meets our unyielding standard of reducing waste through data quality excellence.

Rob Manser

Rob Manser

Director of Marketing

Rob blends his natural storytelling ability with a data-driven approach to spearhead strategic marketing initiatives. He has a talent for unifying teams around innovative ideas and cohesive strategies that drive tangible growth. With his help, Service Objects' marketing team not only communicates but also demonstrates the real-world value of data quality solutions, reinforcing the company's leadership in the Customer Data Validation industry.

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