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What's New with Service Objects' Products

Recent updates, improvements, bug fixes and product launches for our Customer Data Validation services.


February 2024

9% Increase to database of global locations

Global Location Database adds approximately 9% more global locations, improving address accuracy and match rates across various services, including: 

Significant data upgrade for non-USPS addresses impacting multiple Address Services

 Address services like Address Insight and Address Detective see significant improvements in:

  • Speed – Returns 5X faster to under 200 ms
  • Match Rate – Significant improvements to match reduces unknowns to near 0%
  • Accuracy – 10X more “Premise” level results for difficult and non-USPS addresses
Better Directional & Street Name Processing

Address Validation – US fix for some older operations to better determine and separate directional and street names. 

USPS core address monthly update

Address Validation – US synced with monthly update from the United States Postal Service. 

February 2024

January 2024

Name Validation updated to validate and translate non-Latin text.

Name Validation service now supports auto-detection language translation for 111 languages and supports transliteration for 38 languages.

Secondary phone data set added to reduce Unknown line type results to near 0%

Phone data added from aggregated sources, reducing the rate of Unknown Landline/VOIP phone numbers from a 3-5% rate to near 0% for US numbers.

Census and Line Shapefiles updated

Multiple Customer Data Validation services gain access  to the latest authoritative US boundary data and recent release from US Census.

Monthly phone update from multiple authoritative sources

Phone data added from aggregated sources, both public and proprietary data, which is used by multiple Phone validation services.

USPS core address monthly update

Address Validation – US synced with monthly update from the United States Postal Service. 

Q1 tax rates update to FastTax

FastTax Sales and Use tax rates updated for US and Canada.


December 2023

Special districts tax rate support

FastTax updated the match algorithm to incorporate special districts and their tax rates, with a focus on Texas. 

Alpha values in street number

FastTax improved handling of Alpha values in street numbers, for example “12A67 W Main St.”

USPS core address monthly update

Address Validation – US synced with monthly update from the United States Postal Service. 

Update to detect unknown consonant clusters

Name Validation updated with faster and more efficient detection of consonant clusters. 

December 2023

November 2023

New Python sample code library for Email Validation

This is a new sample Python code library that can be used for both trial and production license keys and implements failover and best practices.

Q4 tax rates update to FastTax

FastTax Sales and Use tax rates updated for US and Canada.

Added accessibility features for Global Address Complete

Global Address Complete now includes accessibility features that can be turned on or off via settings in Javascript.  When turned on the solution will do the following. 

  • High contrast between text and background colors.
  • Add id’s to the generated html elements so that screen readers can identify the various html elements and which elements are selected.

October 2023

Improved cross-matching and scoring

Lead Validation – International refined matching algorithms and introduces new checks for awarding extra points for verified matches, addressing the issue of previously awarding too many points for unverified matches, and includes improvements in cross-matching data points like name, email, and phone with additional tests and scoring for high-quality matches.

Garbage business name detection updated

Updated ‘Garbage Company Detection’ in Lead Validation – International improves detection of bogus business names through criteria like unusual word patterns, character sequences, and keyboard strokes, while minimizing false positives for legitimate businesses with corresponding data

Active/inactive phone number check added

Lead Validation – International  now includes a more authoritative data source for US mobile numbers, enhancing the detection of Active/Inactive numbers and enabling more accurate “IsDisconnected” results and point deductions for leads.

Refined algorithm for unknown names

Name Validation has been updated to enhance handling of unknown names, especially those of Eastern European origin, by refining consonant cluster garbage detection and applying severe penalties only for truly unknown consonant clusters.

JSON query string allowed per operation

Phone Append now supports JSON query string responses for operations, offering a safer alternative to path parameters, where URLs can break with special characters.

Connected/disconnected phone detect added

GeoPhone Plus has enhanced its capability to detect active/inactive status of US wireless numbers, now providing a more authoritative “IsDisconnected” flag for known inactive lines and more frequently identifying active lines with the “IsConnected” flag.

October 2023

August 2023

Improved extension parsing

Phone Validation – International has been updated with improved extension parsing with reduced false positives.

Expanded phone validation coverage

Phone Validation – International significantly improves the detection of valid numbers in specific countries, including the Aland Islands and Luxembourg, enhancing overall accuracy and reliability in these regions.

Repeating 3 digit detection improved

Phone Validation – International more effectively identifies and flags repeating 3-digit numbers for fraud and garbage.

July 2023

Celebrity name check updated

Name Validation now checks for celebrity names contained within a larger name, adjusting penalties based on name length and quality of first or last names.

Abbreviated names support added

Name Validation now includes an ‘AllowAbbreviations’ option, enabling it to process names with abbreviations in either the first or last name and disables name swapping to prevent misinterpretation by the internal parser.

Improved support for multiple middle names

Name Validation has updated its middle name checks to align with first and last name logic, enhancing accuracy by reducing false negatives and positives, and now includes similar checks for multiple middle names.

Changed the 'SingleName' option to 'AutoDetectName'

Name Validation has renamed the ‘SingleName’ option to ‘AutoDetectName’ and split the foreign name SQL query into two separate checks for enhanced performance.

Logic improved for tax rates for unincorporated addresses

FastTax has added new optional County and CountryDistrict rates that will be used in lieu of normal rates when an address is detected as unincorporated. 

Improved location detection for tax rates

FastTax  fixed a bug that was causing zip level responses to be returned for the PlaceName when a better address level result could have been found using the original city name.

July 2023

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