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Phone Intelligence for Your Business

Phone Exchange provides fast and efficient access to vital phone provider intelligence. It helps ensure compliance, flag fraud indicators and equips sales teams and call centers with essential phone details.

Phone Exchange for US and Canada

Phone Exchange returns important information like porting status, line type and time zone for your phone numbers. The result is your business is provided a wealth of information for reliable insights and decision-making.

The Phone Exchange data set contains information on over 800 million working phone numbers from a diverse range of 4,000 US and Canadian telecom providers. This extensive coverage is constantly being updated in lock-step with the telecom providers, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date and accurate phone data possible.


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Features and Benefits of
Phone Exchange for US and Canada

Supports compliance - Service Objects

Porting & Location Details for Compliance Support

Staying compliant with privacy regulations like TCPA and PIPEDA requires up-to-date and accurate phone exchange information, from porting details to line type. Phone Exchange provides these essential data points along with detailed service provider information including carrier, city, state or province, line type and time zone.

Two Powerful Fraud Indicators

When it comes to fraud, line types like ‘portable VoIP’ and ‘prepaid phones’ are frequently used to hide the identity of the customer. Phone Exchange detects the line type and triggers flags when a phone number is associated with high-risk line types. The service also returns carrier location details, enabling you to cross-check phone location with customer-provided billing and shipping details and determine any discrepancies that might also  indicate fraudulent behavior.
Powerful fraud indicators - Service Objects
Phone exchange lookup - Service Objects

Up-To-Date Phone Porting Details

Phone Exchange provides your business with customer and prospect phone porting details, allowing you to be confident that you have the information you need to operate within TCPA regulations.

Phone Exchange gives you:

  • Ported date
  • Originating and current carriers
  • Pre-ported and post-ported dates for individual line-type changes

How Phone Exchange for US and Canada Works

Returns Location Data for Number

Provides country and state or province data for original location of supplied number, improving compliance and fraud prevention efforts.

Provides Geocoding Data for Input Number

Returns geocoding data as latitude and longitude coordinates for returned address for use with mapping and CRM applications.

Returns Carrier and Porting Data

Returns carrier type, SMS/MMS gateway addresses, and porting date and carrier information to facilitate compliance efforts.

Provides Line Type Data for Input Number

Provides the line type of the validated phone number, with possible values of Wireless, Landline or VOIP.

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Why Choose Service Objects for your Phone Exchange Needs?

In today’s dynamic business environment, having access to reliable and comprehensive phone intelligence is crucial for a variety of operational needs. Service Objects’ Phone Exchange service is an outstanding choice for businesses seeking to enhance their communication strategies and operational intelligence. Here’s why Phone Exchange is a must-have for your business:
Rich Phone Provider Intelligence: Phone Exchange offers fast and efficient access to vital phone provider intelligence. This information is key to understanding the dynamics of phone numbers you are dealing with, whether for sales, customer service or compliance purposes.
Compliance and Fraud Prevention: One of the significant advantages of Phone Exchange is its role in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and flagging potential fraud indicators. In today’s environment where compliance and security are paramount, having a tool that aids in these areas is invaluable.
Empowering Sales and Call Centers: Equipping your sales teams and call centers with essential phone details, including porting status and line type, enhances their ability to communicate effectively. This information can be crucial in tailoring communication strategies and improving customer interactions.
Valuable Insights from Phone Data: Phone Exchange provides important information like porting status, line type, and time zone. This array of data offers your business a wealth of information for reliable insights, aiding in more informed decision-making.
Extensive Coverage and Accuracy: The service’s database encompasses over 800 million working phone numbers from a broad spectrum of 4,000 US and Canadian telecom providers. Such extensive coverage ensures that the phone data you access is comprehensive and representative of the current market.
Up-to-Date Information: Service Objects maintains its Phone Exchange data in lock-step with telecom providers. This means the information you access is not just broad in scope but also current, ensuring high accuracy and relevance for your business needs.
Enhanced Business Strategies: With accurate and detailed phone data, businesses can more efficiently execute various strategies, from marketing and sales to customer service and risk management. Up-to-date phone data is also instrumental in implementing more effective business operations.
Service Objects’ Phone Exchange service is an essential tool for businesses seeking comprehensive and accurate phone intelligence. Its ability to provide detailed provider information, support compliance, enhance sales and call center operations, and offer up-to-date and extensive coverage makes it an invaluable asset. Choose Phone Exchange for unparalleled phone data intelligence that drives business success.

Phone Exchange: Bringing Phone Intel to
Your Customer Data Validation Strategy

Service Objects’ Phone Exchange is a crucial element of your Customer Data Validation strategy, which aims to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your business’ customer contact data. This strategy is essential for effective operations, customer relations, and decision-making. Here’s how Phone Exchange integrates into this strategy:
Validating and Enriching Contact Data Information: Phone Exchange contributes to the validation and enhancement of your customer phone data. It provides detailed insights such as porting status, line type and time zone, which are crucial for verifying the accuracy of customer phone numbers and enhancing the overall quality of the contact data.
Enhancing Communication Efficiency: Accurate phone data is key to efficient communication. Phone Exchange ensures that businesses have the correct and current phone numbers, reducing the time and resources spent on failed communication attempts. This efficiency is vital for call centers, sales teams and customer service departments.
Supporting Compliance Efforts: In various industries, adherence to communication regulations and standards is critical to avoid hefty fines. Phone Exchange aids in this by providing information that can be used to ensure compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and enhancing customer trust.
Fraud Detection and Risk Management: The service’s ability to flag potential fraud indicators is a significant aspect of risk management. By identifying unusual patterns or discrepancies in phone data, Phone Exchange helps in preempting fraudulent activities and protecting your business from associated risks.
Facilitating Data-Driven Decisions: The insights provided by Phone Exchange are invaluable for making informed business decisions. Knowing the geographical location, line type, and carrier information can help businesses tailor their communication strategies and make strategic decisions based on customer demographics, location and behavior.
Improving Customer Experience: With accurate and detailed phone information, businesses can enhance customer interactions. This improvement comes from being able to reach customers at the right time and through the correct channels, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
Integrating with Marketing Strategies: For marketing purposes, having detailed phone data allows for more targeted campaigns. Phone Exchange can help in segmenting audiences based on location or phone type, enabling more personalized and effective marketing efforts.
Service Objects’ Phone Exchange is an integral part of your Customer Data Validation strategy. It ensures the accuracy and completeness of phone data, supports compliance and fraud detection, enhances communication efficiency, and provides valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. This makes it a vital tool for businesses aiming to leverage high-quality customer contact data for operational success and improved customer engagement.
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