DOTS Address Detective - International

Streamline Compliance and Operations with Advanced Country Detection

Unlock the power of accurate country identification to seamlessly navigate international data privacy laws, optimize logistics and tailor your marketing and customer service strategies.

Address Detective - International

Address Detective — International instantly identifies, corrects, and appends the correct country to contact records, helping businesses navigate the intricate landscape of data privacy laws while enhancing various aspects of their operations.

Address Detective – International was developed in response to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which highlighted the complexity of data and privacy regulations that can span across international borders. Accurately identifying the residence country of their customers is now crucial for businesses to ensure compliance with these diverse and continuously evolving regulations.

In addition to legal compliance, precise country identification can be used to enhance targeted marketing, optimize logistics, provide region-specific customer service and support risk management.


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Features and Benefits of
Address Detective – International

More Accurate and Complete Contact Records

More Accurate and Complete Contact Records

Our advanced real-time API cross-references multiple data points, including a contact’s name, address, phone, email and IP address with our authoritative data sources to determine and append country data to your contact records.

You Can’t Be Compliant if You Don’t Know the Country

You need to know with confidence what country your users are in so your business can stay compliant. And with over 100 global data protection laws including GDPR in existence, that’s no small task. To give you the confidence you need, our service provides an overall quality score to help determine the authenticity of your records.
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Benefits Beyond Compliance

The benefits of correcting or appending the country to your contact records extends far beyond compliance, including:

  • Localizing sales and marketing efforts
  • More effectively routing leads to the right countries
  • Adding personalization by transliterating to the appropriate language in 250+ countries

How Address Detective – International Works

Address Correction Using Name, Phone Data

Performs analysis using name and phone information to attempt to correct difficult addresses that fail standard Address Validation.

Returns Results Status and Error Codes

Status data gives you confidence that an address has been corrected, and detailed error codes help troubleshoot addresses that fail.

Corrected Address Data Components Returned

Detailed validated and corrected address data helps preserve as much valid contact data as possible to recover lost leads and contacts.

Returns Best Country for Compliance Purposes

Analysis of input address returns best estimate of country for use in compliance efforts such as the European Union’s GDPR regulation.

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