In-Kind Grant Program​

Here at Service Objects we are passionate about data and environmental conservation causes. This passion is in our DNA, and it’s what helps define us as a company. And while these two passions appear disconnected, we’ve found unique ways to use our data validation service to help organizations that support, protect and aid our natural world. This is the catalyst behind Service Objects In-Kind Grants. We believe in the physical, economic and the social benefits of a healthy environment, and that a strong connection with data quality will lead to greater support and protection of our natural resources. Our goal for creating this unique program is to inspire and assist non-profit organizations that are working to promote environmental health, economic vitality, informed land-use decisions and sound management of our planet’s natural resources.

Supporting the Organizations that Aid our Environment

Service Objects In-Kind Grants will support organizations that encourage environmental leadership through the reduction of waste, and caring for our resources. We will provide in-kind donations to organizations that are working to encourage environmental conservation, as well as providing education for both personal and environmental health.

Data quality and validation services may include: address validation, email appending, phone number appending, email validation, demographics data, geocoding with latitude-longitude coordinates, and other data validation services.

In-kind contributions support the programs and/or daily operations of an environmental organization. If you meet the following criteria, please fill out the application.

In-Kind Grants are offered to:

  • Organizations that have 501(c)(3) status within the United States
  • Projects that require community demographic, geographic, address information and related data validation services
  • Programs that focus on reducing waste that directly impacts the environment
  • Programs that focus on immediate support for natural environmental disasters
  • Builds action-oriented public involvement
  • Based on need, and awarded on an individual basis

In-Kind Grants are not offered to:

  • Generalized education programs about the environment
  • Land acquisition, land trusts or conservation easements
  • Conferences, tradeshows or expos
  • Endowment funds
  • Political campaigns
  • Green building programs
  • All funding requests should be quantifiable with specific product requests and plan objectives, with a clear measure for evaluating success.
  • Projects should have a good chance of significant measurable results with momentum over a fairly short term (one to three years).
  • Applications that come with detailed projects descriptions will be viewed favorably, and will be taken into consideration during the granting process.

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