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Address Geocode – US specializes in providing precise rooftop longitude and latitude coordinates for US addresses. Ideal for tasks like risk assessment and shipping logistics, it converts street addresses into exact geolocations, enhancing accuracy in mapping and operational decision-making within the United States.

Address Geocode – US

Address Geocode – US accurately translates US street addresses into precise geolocations. It leverages advanced address and GIS data to pinpoint exact coordinates for any given address in the United States. 

This tool is particularly useful for businesses and services that rely on accurate location data, such as delivery companies, real estate agencies and emergency services. By converting textual addresses into latitudinal and longitudinal data, Address Geocode – US facilitates efficient routing, precise location tracking, and enhanced geographic analysis, making it an essential asset for operations that require detailed and accurate geographical information in the United States.

Address Geocode – US works in both directions:

  • Address to Geo-coordinates  — addresses are corrected and standardized using our industry-leading US Address Validation engine. This enables Address Geocode – US to reach near-perfect match rates when translating an address to roof-top level latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Geo-coordinates to Address — Latitude and longitude coordinates are translated to valid and precise US addresses.


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Features and Benefits of Address Geocode – US

Superior Match Rates - Geocode Service

Superior Match Rates

Our geocoding service leverages Service Objects’ address expertise to provide powerful and accurate results in real-time.

  • Both addresses and geo-coordinates are validated using a combination of authoritative USPS postal and spatial data providing more precise results
  • Advanced AI references multiple authoritative data sets to maximize match rate and accuracy

Beyond the Coordinates

Authoritative sources including US Census Bureau, USPS® ZIP+4 tables, and other proprietary databases provide supplemental information including:
  • Reverse geocode enables your business to translate geo-coordinates to USPS certified addresses at no extra cost
  • Data points including census tract, state and county FIPS, block codes, congress codes, time zones and more
  • Distance to water estimates using address or geo-coordinates
  • Provides custom URLs for popular mapping tools
Beyond the Coordinates - Geocode Service

How Address Geocode – US Works

Returns Geo-Coordinates from Address

Addresses are corrected and standardized using Service Objects’ Address Validation, then converted to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Supports Reverse Geo-Coding to Address

Latitude and longitude coordinates are translated to validated and precise USPS-certified addresses.

Supplemental Data Provided

Returns data points including census tract, state and county FIPS, block codes, congress codes, time zones and distance to water.

Creates URLs for Popular Mapping Programs

Creates and returns web address URLs for direct output mapping using Google Maps, MapQuest and Bing Maps.

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Why Choose Service Objects for your
US Geocoding Needs?

When it comes to enhancing your geo-location intelligence for business operations, selecting the right service is crucial. Service Objects’ Address Geocode – US service emerges as an exemplary choice, especially for those seeking to leverage advanced geocoding capabilities. Here’s why this service is essential for your geocoding needs:

Comprehensive Geo-Location Intelligence: Address Geocode – US goes beyond standard geocoding services. It translates both addresses and geo-coordinates into actionable data, expanding your geo-location capabilities. This feature is invaluable for businesses that rely on precise location data for logistics, marketing and strategic planning.

Expertise in US Location Intelligence: Leveraging Service Objects’ extensive expertise in US Address Validation, the Address Geocode – US service ensures that every address is accurately validated. This validation is critical for businesses operating within or dealing with customers and operations in the United States.

Pinpoint Accuracy with Authoritative Data: The service utilizes a combination of authoritative postal and spatial data sources to provide pinpoint accuracy in geocoding. This level of precision is essential for applications that require exact location data, such as delivery services, emergency response planning and location-based analytics.

Enhanced Data Usability: By converting complex addresses and geographical coordinates into easily understandable and usable data, Address Geocode – US enhances the usability of your location data. This transformation is crucial for businesses that need to quickly interpret and act on location information.

Supports a Range of Business Applications: Whether it’s for targeted marketing campaigns, efficient logistics management, or strategic market analysis, the accuracy and depth of data provided by Address Geocode – US make it a versatile tool for various business applications.

Improved Operational Efficiency: Accurate geocoding can significantly streamline operational processes. By providing precise location data, the service helps in optimizing routes for delivery, reducing travel times and costs and improving overall operational efficiency.

Data Integration and Management: Address Geocode – US is designed for easy integration into your existing systems. This seamless integration ensures that your business can start benefiting from enhanced geo-location intelligence without major technical overhauls.

Service Objects’ Address Geocode – US service is an indispensable tool for businesses seeking advanced geocoding capabilities, particularly for US addresses. Its ability to provide pinpoint accuracy, leveraging authoritative data, and enhancing the usability of location data makes it a superior choice for a wide range of business applications, from marketing to logistics and strategic planning. Choose Address Geocode – US to elevate your geo-location intelligence and operational efficiency.

Address Geocode – US: An Important Part of Your Customer Data Validation Strategy

Address Geocode – US, provided by Service Objects, is a vital component of a Customer Data Validation Strategy, particularly for businesses focused on U.S. operations. This strategy revolves around ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and usefulness of customer information, which is critical for efficient business operations and customer engagement. Here’s how Address Geocode – US contributes to this strategy:
Enhancing Location Data Accuracy: A key aspect of data validation is ensuring the accuracy of location information. Address Geocode – US does this by converting U.S. addresses and geo-coordinates into precise, usable data. This accuracy is crucial for logistics, delivery services and any business operation where location plays a key role.
Validating Address Information: This service goes beyond simple geocoding; it validates addresses against authoritative postal and spatial data sources. This validation process ensures that addresses in your database are not only accurate but also exist and are deliverable, which is essential for effective customer communication and service delivery.
Improving Customer Experience: Accurate geolocation data directly impacts customer experience. For instance, in delivery and logistics, precise location information leads to faster and more reliable service. For marketing, it enables geo-targeted campaigns, enhancing relevance and engagement.
Optimizing Business Operations: Address Geocode – US aids in streamlining various business operations. By providing accurate location data, it allows for more efficient route planning for deliveries, reduces the risk of shipping errors, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
Supporting Data-Driven Decisions: Precise geolocation data is invaluable for strategic planning and market analysis. Businesses can use this data to identify market trends, assess service areas and make informed decisions on expansion and resource allocation.
Enhancing Data Integration and Management: The integration of Address Geocode – US into existing CRM or ERP platforms enhances the overall quality of the data within these systems. Better data quality means improved usability across different departments, from sales and marketing to logistics and customer service.
Compliance and Risk Management: Accurate address and geolocation data are often critical for compliance with certain regulations and policies, particularly in sectors like finance, healthcare and real estate. The service also helps in mitigating risks associated with incorrect or fraudulent location data.
Address Geocode – US is an integral part of your Customer Data Validation strategy, particularly for businesses focusing on the U.S. market. It significantly contributes to maintaining the accuracy and reliability of location data, which in turn impacts customer engagement, operational efficiency, compliance, and strategic decision-making, making it a valuable tool for any business prioritizing high-quality customer contact data.
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