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Lead Scoring: How It Fits in with Marketing Automation

Your marketing efforts live or die on the quality of your leads. Automated lead scoring capabilities can help figure out who is a potential purchaser for your products or services, and substantially improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. But the term sometimes...

Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
July 16, 2019

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Canadian Address Validation – In a Nutshell

When Service Objects talks about address validation, we tend to focus on our US and International products, while our Canadian address validation product tends to get less attention. So I thought it was...

Jan Rehorik, Sr. Applications Engineer
Jan Rehorik
Sr. Applications Engineer
July 11, 2019

The Importance of Multi-Channel Support

Not that many years ago, customer support meant one thing for most people: picking up the phone and contacting a call center. Times have changed a great deal since then. In this article, we will take a...

Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
July 2, 2019

Unique Zip Codes – What Are They?

If you have ever run into a unique ZIP code while doing address lookups or validation, then there is a good chance that they may have caused some confusing results for you. Take the following address as...

Dylan Van Lant, Applications Support Technician
Dylan Van Lant
Applications Support Technician
June 27, 2019

Can Vendors Use Your Data? Read the Fine Print

Your contact data assets represent the lifeblood of your company. Your organization probably has procedures in place to secure this data. But what about the third-party vendors you work with? Some...

Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
June 25, 2019

99.999% Server Uptime – How We Guarantee It

Many products and services claim to always work. But when they don’t? Unfortunately, the answer is frequently, “sorry.” For our customers, “sorry” isn’t good enough – especially since we...

Carolyn Healey, Director of Marketing
Carolyn Healey
Director of Marketing
June 18, 2019

API Security: A Closer Look

Recently, we published a blog article discussing the growth of the “API Economy”: a term coined to describe the proliferation of API-based tools being incorporated into many software products and...

Rob Manser, Marketing
Rob Manser
June 11, 2019

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Service Objects has verified over 3 billion contact records for clients from various industries including retail, technology, government, communications, leisure, utilities, and finance. Since 2001, thousands of businesses and developers have used our APIs to validate transactions to reduce fraud, increase conversions, and enhance incoming leads, Web orders, and customer lists. READ MORE