About Us

Service Objects is the industry leader in real-time contact validation APIs.

Since 2001, Service Objects has focused exclusively on global contact and customer data verification, with over 4 billion contact records verified for clients from various industries including retail, technology, government, communications, leisure, utilities, and finance. Our APIs have been used by thousands of businesses and developers to validate transactions, reduce fraud, increase conversions, and enhance incoming leads, Web orders, and customer lists.

We are fanatical about data quality and customer service. We're proud of our data reliability of 99.999% (last 19 years), and we want to take it even higher. Service Objects ensures our data validation services are available, providing reliable real-time results, and a professional atmosphere.

We are committed to reducing wasted paper, time and resources through data quality excellence. Our mission is to develop the industry’s best contact validation tools to protect your business.

Businesses rely on customer data for marketing, shipping, lead generation, fraud prevention, and other purposes. However, it is estimated that 15-25% of contact data is inaccurate, incomplete, fraudulent, or out-of-date.

Our Solution

A company's customer database is one of its most important and irreplaceable assets, often representing years of effort and expense. Businesses can reduce costs, improve marketing, minimize fraud, and more by validating customer data at every collection point, whether online, at a call center, or in a brick-and-mortar store. This is Service Objects' specialty--helping businesses reap maximum rewards from their hard-won customer contacts.

Cleanse, Validate and Enhance Contact Data

Our tools validate and cross-verify a contacts' business, name, location, phone, email address and device against hundreds of authoritative data-sources.

We help our customers with the following challenges:

  • Inaccurate deliveries are leading to lost revenue
  • Data needs to be standardized for compliance
  • Need to eliminate fraud
  • Sales and marketing leads are incomplete
  • Want additional insights on customers and prospects
  • Marketing automation and CRM platforms need to be optimized

Service Objects offers a number of global data quality solutions, including:

  • Lead Validation
    Multi-point lead solutions cross-validate critical contact elements to ensure your global leads are accurate while providing rich customer insights.
  • Address Validation
    Address validation solutions correct, standardize and enhance your global address data to ensure they are genuine, accurate and up-to-date.
  • Address Geocoding
    Address geocoding solutions use cascading logic to translate global addresses into precise geographic coordinates with up to 99.8% accuracy.
  • Phone Validation
    Phone validation solutions that perform reverse look-ups, append missing phone numbers and provide global phone exchange data.
  • Email Validation
    Email validation solution performs multi-step verification process to ensure global email addresses are genuine, accurate and deliverable.
  • Ecommerce Validation
    Ecommerce and tax rate solutions to support your online business and protect against fraud and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Demographics
    Powerful combination of address and US Census Bureau data provides geo-focused demographics for both consumers and businesses.

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