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Translate Addresses to Precise Geo-Coordinates

Our Canadian Geocode service deliver precise rooftop-level longitude and latitude coordinates, essential for applications like risk assessment and shipping logistics across Canada.

Address Geocode – Canada

Address Geocode – Canada, our geocoding solution, accurately transforms addresses in both French and English into exact longitude and latitude coordinates. This precision is crucial for enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating strategic planning and improving delivery services.

The accurate location data provided significantly boosts efficiency in delivery and logistics. It also plays a pivotal role in risk assessments for industries such as real estate and insurance. Additionally, this accuracy is instrumental for devising targeted marketing strategies and elevating the customer experience.

Address Geocode – Canada is indispensable for businesses requiring precise geographic data, particularly for adhering to compliance standards and for accurate reporting purposes. 


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Features and Benefits of Address Geocode – Canada

Address Geocode – Canada

Beyond the Coordinates

Address Geocode — Canada provides you with the data you need in real-time to see the bigger picture. It’s not just about longitude and latitude, it also provides postal code, time zone, daylight savings, city, province, population and area codes.

Versatile and Adaptable

The flexibility of Address Geocode — Canada allows it to be used in a number of different ways, including:
  • Planning delivery routes using integrated mapping applications
  • Applying risk assessments based on distances to water, fault lines, fire zones, etc.
  • Staying compliant with regional regulations
  • Identifying emerging demographic areas for sales and marketing
Versatile and Adaptable - Geocode Service

How Address Geocode – Canada Works

Returns Geo-Coordinates from Input Address

Addresses are corrected and standardized using Service Objects Address Validation, then converted to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Provides Postal Codes for Input Addresses

Input addresses are validated and corrected and then an appropriate Canada Post postal code is returned to append to address.

Provides Match Codes for Result Accuracy Levels

Returns a string indicating to what level the input coordinates could be geocoded: Property, Postal Code or Municipality.

Geocoding for Municipalities and Provinces

Returns latitude and longitude coordinates as well as postal code for specified municipality and province.

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