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Translate Canadian Addresses to Precise Geo-Coordinates

Our Canadian Geocode service provides highly accurate rooftop-level longitude and latitude coordinates from Canadian addresses. Whether you’re optimizing delivery routes, conducting risk assessments in the insurance and financial industries, enhancing emergency response systems, or performing detailed spatial analysis, our service ensures you have the precise geographical data needed to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.

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Address Geocode – Canada

Precision Geocoding in Canada

Address Geocode – Canada accurately converts both French and English addresses into precise longitude and latitude coordinates. This accuracy is essential for boosting operational efficiency, supporting strategic planning, and enhancing delivery services.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Our service provides precise location data that significantly enhances delivery and logistics efficiency. This high accuracy supports businesses in developing targeted marketing strategies and improving customer experience and engagement.

Crucial for Risk Assessments & Compliance

Address Geocode – Canada is essential for conducting risk assessments in real estate and insurance industries, helping to mitigate potential issues. It also ensures businesses meet compliance and precise reporting needs, providing reliable geolocation data for informed decision-making.

Fraud Prevention

Geocoding helps protect businesses from fraud by cross-referencing geographic coordinates with provided addresses. This process ensures the address exists and matches its location, reducing the risk of fraudulent addresses. 

Accurate geolocation data verifies delivery points, prevents fraudulent transactions, and ensures orders are shipped to legitimate addresses. This enhances trust, security, and minimizes financial losses associated with fraud, contributing to more secure and reliable business operations.

How Address Geocode – Canada Works

Returns Geo-Coordinates from Input Address

Provided addresses undergo correction and standardization through Service Objects’ world-class Address Validation engine, ensuring high address accuracy and match rates, followed by conversion into precise latitude and longitude coordinates.

Postal Codes Appended from Corrected Addresses

Canadian postal codes are also appended during the address validation process.

Provides Match Codes for Result Accuracy Levels

Returns a description indicating the level to which the coordinates could be geocoded: Property, Postal Code, or Municipality.

Bilingual Geocoding

Converts both English and French addresses into precise latitude and longitude coordinates.

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Features and Benefits of Address Geocode – Canada

AI-Ready Data

Address Geocode — Canada ensures the accuracy of geolocation data for use with AI applications, enhancing predictive analytics and decision-making. It provides comprehensive real-time data, including precise longitude and latitude in decimal format, and appended postal codes.


Versatile and Adaptable

This versatile Canadian geocoding service can be used in a multitude of applications, including:

  • Planning delivery routes with integrated mapping applications
  • Conducting risk assessments based on environmental factors such as proximity to water, fault lines, and fire zones
  • Ensuring compliance with regional regulations
  • Identifying emerging demographic areas for sales and marketing

This comprehensive geocoding solution empowers businesses with accurate data, supporting strategic planning and enhancing operational efficiency across multiple sectors.

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