DOTS IP Address Validation

IP Address Validation Provides Key Indicators of Fraud

IP Address Validation has a range of uses, from fraud mitigation to determining locations to inform targeted marketing campaigns. Our global IP address verification service determines visitor location, device type and proxies.

Identify IP Address location and device type anywhere in the world

Accessing over 4 billion IP addresses, this service calculates the location and device type of your visitors.
By cross-referencing IP address location against additional data points, like billing and shipping addresses, you can flag high-risk and fraudulent transactions.

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Features and Benefits of IP Address Validation

Fraud Alert: When IP Address Location Doesn’t Match

Fraud Alert: When IP Address Location Doesn’t Match 

Most ecommerce fraud originates from high-risk countries where scammers operate with impunity and enforcement is lax. IP Address Validation flags mismatches between an IP’s location and a customer’s address worldwide and provides a certainty score for every result. The result is your business is able to quickly identify discrepancies, set them aside for further review and block fraudulent transactions.

Our global database of over 4 billion records is updated daily to ensure the most accurate results are delivered.


Supports compliance - Service Objects

Suppports Compliance Efforts

IP Address Validation enables your organization to detect the country of origin that website visitors are coming from. This information assists in meeting the compliance requirements for privacy and data protection laws, like GDPR, CAN-SPAM and PIPEDA.

By detecting the country a visitor is coming from, your business can more accurately present the correct privacy policy associated with their country.

Supports compliance - Service Objects

How IP Address Validation Works

How it Works

IP Address Provides Location & Risk Factors

Country code and city/region/geocoding data facilitate comparison with contact address data for possible fraud prevention.

Returns Host Data for IP Addresses

Data returned includes ISP assigning the IP address, network owner to which the IP is assigned and host name.

Detects and Identifies Proxy Servers

Identifies use of proxy servers, including private, public and satellite servers as well as anonymous proxy servers hiding user IP address.

Flags Malicious and High-Risk IP Addresses

Identifies potential or near-certain malicious IP addresses for real-time detection of fraudulent activity.

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