Fixing Bad Addresses

No matter how incorrect customer addresses end up in your business, whether from data entry errors, merging contact information from disparate platforms, friendly and not-so-friendly fraud, or just through simple data decay, they create costly problems and inefficiencies. 

These can lead to undelivered or late packages, issues with customer service, bad user experiences, and harm to your brand’s reputation.

Accurate Address Data

Customer Data Validation ensures you are working with accurate and up-to-date customer contact information by verifying and supplementing key contact details such as Name, Address, Phone, Email, and Device, all within the blink of an eye. 

By integrating worldwide, authoritative data sets with our cutting-edge AI, Customer Data Validation delivers comprehensive Address Validation that empowers you to:

  • Ensure efficient and accurate deliveries
  • Identify and combat fraud
  • Reduce customer services issues
  • Manage compliance risks
  • Provide exceptional user experiences
  • Protect and enhance your brand
Below are some of our validation services that support global address and customer data accuracy, resulting in trusted customer contact data.

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Global Address Validation

Our Global Address Validation services correct and standardize addresses to the correct postal formats for over 250 countries and territories worldwide, ensuring your customers receive their packages and communications on time.

Our services also provide postal data points for pre-sorting and delivery, enabling you to take advantage of postal and shipping discounts. 

Validated Address Suggestions

Global Address Complete allows visitors to quickly select an address as they start typing, auto-completing their entry and reducing keystrokes, misspellings and incorrect address entry. 

This results in accurate address captures, faster ecommerce checkouts, improved shipping accuracy and reduced cart abandon by as much as 30%.

Precise Geo-Coordinates

Using a combination of authoritative postal and spatial data to return pinpoint accuracy, our global Address Geocode services expand your geo-location intelligence by translating addresses and geo-coordinates into actionable location data points that can be used in shipping logistics, risk assessment and marketing segmentation.

Our Geocode services provide rooftop longitude and latitude coordinates for addresses all over the world.

Change of Address Tracking

Your customers and prospects are constantly on the move, making delivering essential communications to them a significant challenge. ​

​NCOA Live solves this issue by detecting and verifying changes of address in real-time, while standardizing and formatting them to USPS standards.

Location Intelligence

Addresses alone are not enough to make informed marketing and business decisions. With Address Insight, location-specific demographics and geo-coordinates provide your business with key strategic details to make critical decisions.

Address Insight brings together three of our most powerful services to provide a deeper understanding of your address data. Coverage includes all USPS addresses and over 15 million non-USPS addresses.

Learn How Customer Data Validation Helps:

Increasing Productivity
Increasing Productivity
Leveraging Business Intelligence
Leveraging Business Intelligence
Achieving Compliance
Achieving Compliance
Managing Fraud
Managing Fraud
Understanding Customer Data Validation
Understanding Customer Data Validation
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