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We dedicate endless data quality resources to compiling data that covers 25% more contacts than competing services.

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We focus exclusively on contact and customer data verification - since 2001 we’ve validated nearly two billion contacts!

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SSL technology, intrusion detection, anti-virus software, and firewall systems guard against security threats.

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We stand behind our Service Level Agreement with a 99.995% server uptime guarantee.

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All data quality services includes our Customer Success Program for account, application and programming support.

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  • Lead Quality & Contact Validation Bundles

    Using our lead validation API for developers allows you to improve and standardize contact information at the point of entry. Our lead validation and contact verification APIs instantly compare user-provided data with certified address and phone databases to ensure accuracy and deliverability. With a contact verification API, it becomes possible to instantly correct and append contact data, detect bogus names, perform reverse phone and address lookups, and ensure deliverability.

    Lead validation tools include lead scoring, helping your sales team to focus on those leads most likely to convert. Our lead and contact verification APIs improve data quality in real time, minimize waste, score sales leads, provide deeper demographic insights, and help to increase conversion rates.

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  • Address Verification and Geocoding

    Our address validation APIs for developers instantly verify addresses across the United States and Canada. Choose from several address validation and geocode APIs. Whether you need to extract latitude and longitude coordinates for addresses, extract detailed demographic information, cross-reference addresses against the National Change of Address database, verify address deliverability, or would like a comprehensive address validation API.

    Validate, parse, correct, and append contact address data based on USPS® certified data, our real-time address verification APIs for developers ensure address accuracy and eliminate costly data errors in real time.

    Address validation APIs are available for both US and Canadian mailing systems.

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  • Email Verification and Email Insight

    Instantly validate email addresses, and gain rich demographic insights with real-time email validation APIs. Several email validation APIs for developers are available. Our email address verification API validates email addresses at the point of entry, instantly correcting typos, syntax errors, and common domain misspellings while simultaneously warning you of potential data quality issues.

    By weeding out bogus and undeliverable emails at the source, these email validation APIs reduce bounce rates, improve deliverability, and protect against becoming blacklisted by ISPs.

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  • Reverse Phone Lookup and Appending

    Append phone numbers to existing customer records, find addresses with reverse phone lookup, and validate phone numbers in an instant with real-time phone APIs. Our phone number reverse lookup API provides accurate contact information associated with a given telephone number such as contact name and address, line type, and provider name and location.

    Developers use our phone APIs for telephone verification, to append phone numbers, to enhance customer service by identifying customers from CallerID, and more. Telephone verification is used to instantly verify a customer's phone number in real-time. Not only does telephone verification help to prevent fraud, it eliminates the need for manual telephone verification.

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  • Sales Tax Software and BIN Validation

    Calculate sales tax for eCommerce orders, ensure tax compliance, and validate credit card metadata with sales tax software and BIN validation tools for developers.

    Our real-time, real-time sales tax API instantly calculates sales and use tax for addresses in the United States and Canada. Sales tax verification takes place at the street address level, ensuring the highest level of accuracy possible.

    Our bank ID number validation API is one of the most essential eCommerce tools for developers interested in countering online fraud. Bank ID number validation allows for real-time warning of potentially fraudulent transactions. For example, a mismatch between the country of issuance and the shipping address should prompt a review before an order is shipped.

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  • Demographics Data, IP Validation and More

    Fight fraud, verify names and IP addresses, remove bogus contact data, and mine and append demographic data to new and existing contacts with real-time demographic data APIs for developers.

    IP address validation identifies the precise location of any given IP address, allowing you to instantly flag data associated with suspicious IP addresses, anonymous IP addresses, and high-risk IP addresses.

    Verify names, and weed out the fake ones in an instant with our name validation API. Our ZIP code demographics API appends contact information with robust demographic data from the US Census Bureau and other proprietary databases. This real-time demographic data API mines over three billion records to return the most comprehensive ZIP code-specific data related to your contacts.

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