City of Thomasville, GA

Address Validation data ensures accounts are set up correctly

The Challenge

Today, the City of Thomasville offers residents a variety of essential services and is so committed to their connection to the community that their motto, The Power of Community. The Power of Service, is incorporated into every customer interaction.

Part of this commitment is to provide a high level of service in the most efficient ways possible. To achieve this, the City turned to Service Objects' data quality solutions.

Service Objects Address Validation solutions run so seamlessly behind the scenes that we don't even think or worry about them.

Melissa Donaldson
Applications Product Manager, City of Thomasville

The Solution

Thomasville has their own utility billing software they have been using for many years. They use Service Objects' DOTS Address Validation to ensure that customer addresses are correct when new accounts are set up. Not only is the accuracy of the data verified, it also ensures that data entered is consistently formatted in the same manner. Thomasville also uses the get city/state functionality when customers enter in their zip code to make the process of setting up a new account as easy as possible.

In addition to Address Validation, Thomasville uses the features in DOTS Address Validation Plus. Using the Census data enables the City to comply with state and federal regulations such as reporting commercial customers who are operating in certain zones.

Between the two validation solutions, Thomasville validates thousands of transactions every month.

"Service Objects Address Validation solutions run so seamlessly behind the scenes that we don't even think or worry about them," said Melissa Donaldson, Applications Product Manager, City of Thomasville. "I can't remember when we had to call the support center for help!"

The Result

Since implementing DOTS Address Validation, Thomasville gets 50% less returned mail, saving them – and taxpayers - a significant amount of money and time. Customers are also spared a good deal of frustration over bills being mailed to the wrong location, and the chance of having a service interruption due to lack of payment has also been reduced.

"The City of Thomasville has been so happy with the pricing, security and reliability of Service Objects' Address Validation solutions that we are currently evaluating expanding our use into other products to help us verify other customer data points and further enhance the customer experience," said Melissa.

About City of Thomasville

Thomas County, located in southwest Georgia and bordering Florida, was formed in 1825 by legislation introduced by Thomas J. Johnson. One year later, on December 22, 1826, a location was established for the new county seat, Thomasville. Thomasville and Thomas County are committed to the area's long-standing tradition of embracing cultural and economic diversity. There is a rich heritage in Thomas County, and the community works hard to guard and preserve its history and tradition.

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