DOTS Address Geocode - Canada

Retrieve Latitude Longitude From Canadian Address or Reverse Lat/Long

DOTS Address Geocode CanadaSM by Service Objects a real-time web service API that enables companies to translate Canadian street addresses to property-level latitude/longitude coordinates. Utilizing this data, companies can calculate the most efficient method to deliver products to multiple customers in a target area. The data can also help identify new and emerging demographic areas for future sales and marketing efforts. [View Datasheet]

Developer Tools

Service Objects offers comprehensive tools to assist in your integration and deployment of DOTS Address Geocode - Canada.

Sample Code
Download DOTS Address Geocode - Canada Sample Code, and get instant access to code that illustrates how to integrate the API calls in a variety of programming languages.
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Java 1.5GetGeoLocationSOAPdownload

Example of the sample request URL/HTTP parameters:[YourKey]

Compatible Programming Language Support:

Features and Benefits

Features of Canadian Address Geocoding

  • Appends latitude/longitude coordinates using multiple data sources
  • Geocoding for Canadian addresses with property-level match rates as high as 96%
  • Response time as fast as 0.5 seconds
  • Returns basic demographic data such as time zone, population, and area code
  • Updated regularly
  • Real-time API or batch service available

Benefits of Canadian Address Latitude Longitude

  • Use address geocoding to map your customer locations and identify hot spots
  • Improves customer satisfaction with more efficient delivery processes
  • Enable location intelligence to save time and money and enhance location based decision-making
Pricing & Demos

We offer standard and customized real-time contact validation pricing plans depending on the number of transactions your company will validate per month. Batch cleansing services are also available (batches start at $600).

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