DOTS Order Validation

Validate Customer Orders to Reduce Fraud & Charge Backs

DOTS Order ValidationSM by Service Objects is a real-time fraud detection API that verifies, standardizes and authenticates customer order information.

This service performs multi-function verifications including address validation, BIN validation, reverse phone lookup, email validation, and IP validation. Our proprietary normalizing algorithm inspects the various customer components and returns a 0-100 quality score on the overall validity and authenticity of the customer.

Five Reasons to Choose us
  • Order Validation Features

    • Cross-validates customer information against seven distinct DOTS Contact Validation services including: Address Validation - US, Phone Exchange, IP Address Validation, BIN Validation and Email Validation
    • Validates the billing and shipping contact name and returns helpful flags that indicates things like if the name is bogus, vulgar or a string of dictionary words
    • Validates the 6 digit Bank Identification Number (BIN) of a card and also returns flags to indicate if the BIN is for a gift card or if the card is from a country of high risk
    • Validates the email address and returns warning flags including disposable email address, bogus or potential spam-trap
    • Response time as fast as 1 second
    • Over 200 proprietary tests are performed to normalize and standardize data and an overall order score of 0-100 is produced, and flagged for pass, review or fail
    • Billing and shipping address outputs are validated, standardized and corrected to USPS mailing standards, and multiple notes are returned including flags for PO boxes, non-contiguous state, vacant lot or returning mail
    • Validates billing and shipping phone numbers; mismatches in geographic fidelity are flagged before the transaction reaches credit card gateway
    • Accepts your Merchant Category Code (MCC) to help identify the incoming order information
    • Real-time API or batch services available
  • Benefits of Order Validation

    • Improves shipping times to customers when addresses are accurate increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction
    • Reduces chargeback fees from credit card processing
    • Reduces lost inventory from shipments delivered to wrong addresses
    • Eliminates stolen inventory due to fraudulent orders
Pricing plans start at $289/month
and include our exclusive Customer Success Program (with annual contracts) featuring:
  • 24/7 Critical Emergency Support
  • Programming consultation with Integration Engineer
  • Early access to product releases and version updates
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