DOTS Lead Enhancement

Multi-test Contact Validation Bundle with Address Verification

DOTS Lead EnhancementSM allows companies to verify and append contact records USPS-certified addresses, phone numbers, emails, names and IP addresses.

DOTS Lead Enhancement by Service Objects is a real-time bundled contact validation web service that combines DOTS Address Validation, DOTS Name Validation, DOTS Email Validation, DOTS Phone Append and DOTS IP Validation into one easily programmable API license key.

Five Reasons to Choose us
  • Compatible Languages

    Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages. Don't see your language? Let us know!

    Sample Request URL[YourKey]

  • Contact Validation Features

    • Minimal integration required -- best of breed products contained within single license key
    • Returns standardized, corrected and appended postal information for over 165 million unique addresses checked against a database of CASS-certified street addresses
    • Delivery Point Validation (DPV) verifies that the address is deliverable
    • Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) helps companies avoid residential delivery surcharges
    • Verifies and corrects Canadian addresses
    • Verifies phone number and line type (landline, wireless or VoIP)
    • Appends phone carrier information for landlines
    • Detects bogus names and random keystrokes
    • Flags celebrity and vulgar names
    • Checks email addresses for general format and domain-specific syntax errors
    • SMTP-level test communicates with target server to ensure it is valid and determines what types of email addresses are acceptable
    • Detects bogus and vulgar email addresses
    • Appends IP location information, with ISP, network owner and a certainty score
    • Updated daily
    • Response time as fast as 0.8 seconds
    • Real-time API or batch services available
  • Lead Enhancement API Benefits

    • Identify highest quality leads for enhanced sales and marketing efforts
    • Validate and append contact records in real-time
Pricing plans start at $289/month
and include our exclusive Customer Success Program (with annual contracts) featuring:
  • 24/7 Critical Emergency Support
  • Programming consultation with Integration Engineer
  • Early access to product releases and version updates
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